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By Julie Dixon @ABroncoNole

After three days, my brain is now starting to blend everyone together. It doesn’t help that the media all focus in on the same top five players of every group and talk about them non-stop. After a while, it’s tough to remember the other guys. It’s a disservice to the players with poor agents, like QB Brad Kaaya.

Kaaya played for our enemies, Miami Hurricanes, so I’ve seen this kid play often and if he had a better agent, he’d be in the often talked about and regurgitated media reports.

Why do I bring this up? Because he’s not alone. There are tons of guys there who aren’t getting the same exposure because their representatives have failed. So, just because you only see five guys on TV, don’t assume those five are the only players worth watching.

Moving on. Today was wide receiver 40 and drills, plus quarterbacks and tight ends. In case you’ve been cut off from all media, John Ross set a combine record of 4.22.

This batch of quarterbacks just aren’t great. Deshawn Watson and Patrick Mahones received the most attention. These two are also projected to go in the first round in a QB needy year. Deshone Kizer and Mitchell Trubinsky didn’t raise their stock. Kaaya did because people had forgotten about him and his fluid movements were praised by Mike Mayock.

Denver Broncos met with only Mahones, whose agent is shared by Paxton Lynch.

Denver also met with Washington DT Elijah Qualls and Florida’s Caleb Brantley. Plus, RB Marlon Mack and Miami Safety Jamal Carter.

My guess is with so many players to watch today, not as many were interviewed due to time constraints. Speaking of which, it was reported that the time it took at the hospital yesterday, meant many players missed team interviews. This was why Rueben Foster was so upset.

Cooper Kupp hurt his standings with two slow runs. Ryan Switzer was my favorite for slot. Denver met with him, so my heart is pumping with hope.

Dalvin Cook also dropped in appeal, but a team like Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won’t care.  The biggest assets for teams at the combine are medical and interviews. Teams that use combines as a draft source only, usually fail.

The reason being, is a guy in lyrca may look fantastic, but in pads, on a field, not so much. The reverse may also be true. Some guys just bring it on when competing. They do better in pads. I also believe some players may hold back just a touch to drop in stock. The top drafters are losers. No one wants to go to Cleveland.

When it came to tight ends, don’t think anyone really changed their stock, except Evan Engram. However, he’s not a good fit for Denver. At 6’3″, 240, he’s too close in size to our FB Andy Janovich. And since we’re going away from a West Coast Offense, we’re already going to need to be creative with Andy. Adding another guy we have to get cute with, will end up a waste of a roster spot. Or we trade Janovich.

OJ Howard dropped some balls, but no one seemed to care. Those in the middle of the pack or below, stayed there even if they did better in running and long jumping. Teams really wanted to see the gauntlet drill. That’s where bacon was made. Did they run a straight line and showed soft hands?

Denver also met with Alabama DE Dalvin Tomlinson.

Below are charts for the WRs and TEs. Thanks to my hero, Chase Kuntzsch.

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