Dayna’s True or False: Get to know her

Dayna O’Gorman
Seattle Seahawks Reporter

By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG 

Dayna shared 10 statements about herself for Our Turf Football’s social media.

You had to guess if they were True or False.

In case you missed it, here they are complete with answers.

1. If the universe shifted and Dayna couldn’t be a Seattle Seahawks fan any longer, she would be a Buffalo Bills fan.
2. Dayna’s first professional sporting event she ever attended was a Chicago Bulls game.
     FALSE: The first professional sporting ever I ever went to was a Mariners baseball game!
3. Dayna has a dog named after Pete Carroll.
     TRUE:  “We have a Bassett beagle mix named Carroll!”
4. When Dayna was in high school, she was a competitive skier.
     FALSE: “Even though I grew up in Montana, I’ve only been skiing twice in my life.”
5. Dayna is one of those annoying people who has never had an accident nor a speeding ticket.
     TRUE: “Hate me all you want… “
6. Dayna has participated in 15 different Harry Potter themed charity walk/runs.
7. Dayna got to meet Slash (the guitarist for Guns n Roses) because she rounded a corner in a hallway and accidentally slammed directly into him.
     TRUE: My dumb self ran right into him
8. Dayna’s favorite football player of all time is Richard Sherman.
     FALSE: “My favorite is, and always will be, Walter Jones!” (with pic of her and Walter Jones)

9. Dayna helped build a house in an episode of Extreme Home Makeover.
     FALSE: “But I did meet Ty Pennington once
10. Dayna got her love for the game of football from her grandfather.
      TRUE:  “And I miss watching games with him.”

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