Dear Saints Fans

Sonja Greenfield, Detroit Lions Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

Hi Who Dats!

It’s me, Sonja.  Congrats on an amazing 2018 season!  I was hoping your team was going to make it to the Super Bowl.  Can’t have enough 40+year-old quarterbacks there, right?  I would have really liked to see Drew Brees cap off an MVP caliber year and ride off into the sunset with a Super Bowl victory.  I’m sorry that it can’t happen because of officiating.  And that is an awful position to be in.  As a Detroit Lions fan, I, unfortunately, know all too well about poor officiating leading to bad outcomes.

Where shall I start?

The Calvin Johnson rule that sparked the debate about what a catch is or isn’t.  The 10-second runoff rule at the end of a game.  The rarely called batted ball out of the end zone rule. The failed challenge flag throw.  OH YEAH…and how could we forget, the picked up PI flag in Dallas.   Horrid memories.  Horrid, horrid memories.

Saints Fam….us Lions fans have been banging the drum on fair officiating for a long, long, LONG time.   Now, you all are taking up the rallying cry.  Good for you, but…

(Spoiler alert)   It doesn’t change.  Ok, let me back off that statement real quick.  Change can come.  It’ll just take years and years for it to happen.  Because, according to the rules, Calvin Johnson’s catch is now a catch.   And that only took 8 years to change.  So, there is a chance!

While it’s a noble endeavor, suing the NFL isn’t going to work.  It won’t.  We Lions fans have signed petitions and complained and tweeted about it until we were Honolulu Blue in the face.  Nothing has really changed.  At least right away.  But we’ve learned to live with it.

Is it fair? Nope.  Should we have to deal with this? Nope.   But we always do.

Just take it from a fan base who has been there before, Saints fans.  It hurts.  It sucks.

But you just gotta man up, and move on.

I’m sorry it had to be that way.

Here’s hoping the NFL rules committee looks at the PI rule again.

Until then, this Lions fan is here for ya!!


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