Denver vs Buffalo: Bronco and Bills fan square off.

Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills

By Julie Dixon // @ABroncoNole

I asked Mary Pesarchick her thoughts on the upcoming game. Denver (2-0) travels east to take on the Bills (1-1) in an early 1:00 game (10:00 MST). She interviews me for hers, so make sure to read Mary, too.

Jules: Which of your players who may miss Sunday are you most concerned about?

Mary: Left tackle Cordy Glenn definitely. Unfortunately, he’s been ruled out for Sunday’s game. Our O-line is much better when he’s in there (even on a bad ankle) and given Denver’s defense, I’d feel better for quarterback Tyrod Taylor and running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy chances if he was in there.

Jules: What’s your keys to beating Denver?

Mary: 1. Hoping the home crowd will mess with quarterback Trevor Siemian enough to keep you from scoring much. 2. Offensive coordinator Rick “Rico” Dennison’s familiarity with the Broncos. He should help know SOME tricks that can slow you guys down, right? 3. The offense was completely embarrassed last week, so they have something to prove. I know Shady was particularly critical of his own performance and is looking to rebound.    4. Prayer

Jules: Do you think you have a chance?

Mary: Do I think we’ll have a chance? Sure-couldn’t be a fan of this team for over 45 years without believing they had a chance  But, final score? Home field will give the Bills one TD. Broncos 24-7.

Jules: What do you think about Rico? Have you seen any benefit or improvement to your offense with him?

Mary: I was very disappointed that he did nothing to adjust the offensive play calling last week when we were getting stuffed right and left. I don’t think Dennison is trying to incorporate Tyrod’s strengths into his game planning. He seems to be a guy that has one way of doing things, and he makes the players fit into that instead of building his schemes around what talent he has on the team. Tyrod was a much better quarterback under former offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn who let him loose. Of course, that was back when Tyrod had receivers to throw to. I wonder if Rico had any say in the former Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins trade? Overall, not sure why Dennison was supposed to be such a great hire.

Jules: Your defense has played a poor quarterback in Josh McCown and a shell of what the Panthers defense used to be, does this give a false illusion of where they are?

Mary: As for the defense, yes, they played the woeful Jets and a [quarterback] Cam Newton who is still working on getting himself back from injury. However, they did keep the Panthers completely out of the end zone despite their being close a couple of times. They also sacked Cam 6 times which was impressive. Sacks rarely happened when former coaches Rex Ryan and Robb Ryan were running the show here. I think safties Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde will be fun to watch at safety. Certainly, the fans are counting on the defense to give them something to cheer about this season, and I think they will.

Jules: The word, trap, keeps being used in Denver to describe this game. What could the surprise be that no one sees coming?

Mary: A trap game? Nah, I don’t think we have much up our sleeves unless former players [quarterback] Jim Kelly, [running back] Thurman Thomas, [wide receiver] Andre Reed, and [defensive end] Bruce Smith manage to suit up again! I really have little faith that Rico will come up with anything very clever to stop you guys from winning. The defense will likely play their hearts out again for nothing, which is a shame. But we just have no offensive weapons beyond Shady, and he can’t do it all.

Jules: Our defense changes what they do on given play. Cover 2, 5, a base of 3-4 and 4-3 when linebacker Von Miller lines up next to a defensive end. They’re changing technique. Have used four safeties, you name it. Will Tyrod be able to figure it out? Quarterbacks Phillip Rivers and Dak Prescott and their offensive coordinators couldn’t.

Mary: Regarding the multiple defenses, I have such low expectations of our ability to score that it would be difficult to tell whether the lack of points was due to Tyrod’s inability to read the defense or the lack of offensive options (and unimaginative play calling). I suppose turnovers will tell the tale.

Jules: What do you think of your new head coach? Any guess on the score?

Mary:  I like Sean McDermott. Finally feels like we have an adult in charge again following Rex’s performance. He is disciplined, methodical, and very driven to succeed. Truly the anti-Rex. Some gaffes with time management and play selection last week show he still has some things to learn about being a head coach, but the fans seem to be willing to give him time to do that.

Thanks, Mary! I’d say good luck, but I’d be lying 🙂 

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