Denver vs Oakland review. AKA: please, make it stop.

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By Julie Dixon // @ABroncoNole   

It was long odds for Denver to pull off a win: on the road, rainy, new Offensive Coordinator, a quarterback in his third start and first in 11 months. Sadly, it may have been his last.

We’d been told that the new OC would tailor a game plan for the new guy. That would equate to being in the shotgun, lots of passes and some run pass option since the dude can run, drop backs limited to three steps.

What we saw instead was… I don’t know what. The exact opposite, only worse. Ten passes were called even though he needs, needed, every chance he could get. With only three days of practice throwing to the ones since August, you’d think getting the timing down would be a priority. It wasn’t. Plus, there was a right tackle in his second start at that position, against Khalil Mack. There was no run, didn’t even crack 60 yards total.

Both side swapped a couple of three and outs; however, unlike Denver, Oakland ran the ball and ran the ball. Our one and only forte all season was stopping the run. We didn’t. To make matters worse, Domata Peko (knee) and Derek Wolfe (neck) both left with injuries. They’re now on Injured Reserve.

To add insult to injury, Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree got into it after Crabtree punched Chris Harris, Jr. I’m sure you’ve seen the ensuing fight. Both players were ejected and later suspended a game each, without pay. As a side note, Aqib ripped chain number two off of him even though Crabtree had taped it down. The lone haha of the entire game.

The loss of both DL players, plus our star CB meant Marshawn Lynch ran as he pleased and Derek Carr targeted rookie CB Brendan Langley for two TDs. For Paxton Lynch, despite a head-scratching game plan, and a right tackle out of his depth, made some good reads on an unscouted look, hit Andy Janovich for a nice first down, which was called back due to a flag from that same right tackle. The whole first half was not pretty.

The series of events that took place before the half pretty sums up the NFL life of Lynch. Missed opportunities, poor timing, and bad luck. Despite a high ankle sprain, he threw a deep pass that few can do. It was over the shoulder, had perfect touch and into the bucket of our running back Devontae Booker for a TD.

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