Dolphins 2019-All is not lost

Lisa Johnson
Senior NFL Reporter

By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

With the 2019 NFL season upon us, the Dolphins have a new coach, new system, and the same old doom and gloom beat writers. For the past 10 -15 years it’s been the same old, same old. Reading column after column of the sure failures that this Dolphins team will face. I read them all as a challenge to find some ray of hope. Some silver lining that this whole season won’t be a total loss.

Now that we are days away from our opener, I’m still searching for that silver lining. I find myself analyzing and hanging on to every single word that Coach Flores says, looking for a clue. That one word that might make me understand all that has happened.  I catch myself even watching his body language as he speaks.

Is this what it has come to, Dolphins fans?

Has social media-driven us all to the edge? I’m not sure about you guys, but frankly, I’m sick of reading all these doom and gloom articles.  You know, the ones that make you want to drive off a cliff?  I think we need to inject a little common sense here. Understand the word rebuild. Yeah, it sucks right now. The unknown always does. It just seems to be our natural response to things we can’t control.

Being a fan shouldn’t be this hard. It shouldn’t be such a negative experience all the time. If you find yourself getting sucked up in the bleak outlook, take a break from social media. Believe in the guys that are on the field. Believe in your team. It isn’t always going to go the way you think, and that is what makes this game so much fun. Also, it’s what keeps us coming back for more, year after year.

Has the game changed? Of course, it has. There weren’t blogs and podcasts when I was growing up. Seeing what it does for fans, I’m glad for that. Social media gives everyone a platform…. some more than others. Be careful and choose wisely.

The phrase misery loves company comes to mind. Keep the fun in this game. Remember why you became a fan. Follow people that keep you informed, not the ones that bring you down. It’s not always who broke the story first. To me, it’s how the story was broken. Bragging because you guessed right is not breaking the news first. Leave that to the guys who are there and do this for a living.

In closing, I just want to say this. I am looking forward to this season, as I have the last 35. Nothing has changed. If you decide to follow another team, I wish you nothing but luck. Cheers to another great season!!

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