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Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson // @lj1303

As the 2020 senior bowl comes to a close, the Miami Dolphins took full advantage of being able to speak and watch several draft prospects as they prepare for the 2020 NFL draft.

With the Dolphins holding 3 picks in the first round, the pressure is on Dolphins GM Chris Grier and this staff to deliver. After 10 years of mediocracy, Dolphins fans have voiced their displeasure to owner Stephen Ross, who all but admitted that this year was about stripping and rebuilding a winning franchise.

We had a chance to speak with Chris Grier in between day 2 practices at Ladd Pebble Stadium. I was one of many looking for answers to exactly what positions the Dolphins could be scouting. And if you know anything about Chris Grier, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to play poker with him.

Grier was asked about his thoughts on Dolphins center Daniel Kilgore and if he fits in here next season. Kilgore sat out the last season due to injury.

I watched Coach Flores moving around the Senior Bowl practice field. From what I saw, most of Coach Flo’s attention was watching the big boys upfront. He spent a lot of time watching the offensive line drills and most of the 7-on-7 match-ups. Both North and South teams held his attention all day during day two practice.

This Dolphins team has needs all across the board. Quarterback, offensive line and running back (not necessarily in that order) need to be addressed. Free agency is still in play here as well. While I do really think that they will add a free agent or two, I don’t see them overspending on any big names like a Derrick Henry.

Coach Flores has already demonstrated that it doesn’t take $50 million dollar players to win in this league. So I would not expect the Dolphins to make any big signings. I do expect them to make a surprise signing, however, which might be a smaller named player without a high dollar sign.

Last season, it took Google’s help with some of the players he plucked off other teams practice squads and inserted right away in the starting line-up. But then again, this is Coach Flores’ MO. He started in scouting and player personnel, so he has his standards as to what he expects from his players.

Which should be a positive as we head into draft. I am totally prepared for this Dolphins team to make a splash in the draft. I am also 100% sure we’ll all be surprised by a pick… or two.


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