Dolphins swim away with a thrilling win over the Bears

Lisa Johnson,
Miami Dolphins Reporter

By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303 

Dolphins 31 – Bears 28 (OT)

Let me just start out by saying this:  We all knew it wasn’t gonna be easy, but how many knew it would have ended like that??

I could spend 5 pages on stats and tell you all what most of you guys have already read, but I want to focus this article on us, the fans.  Man, the emotions we all go through with these types of games!

First off, lets start at the beginning.  Be honest y’all, did you really think back up quarterback Brock Osweiler was the answer?  I sure didn’t, and I was legit worried.  Then I started to calm down and thought about it some.   

He came into this game with a 2-0 record against the Bears with a passer rating of 108.  That helped me start to back off the ledge.  Then we found out that offensive linemen Laremy Tunsil cleared concussion protocol earlier in the week and was indeed active.  After that, I was about a quarter of the way off the ledge. 

Now here is the part that only several fans will get.  Body language.  Watching the body language and the demeanor of the players as they came out of the tunnel and on the side lines, everyone was jacked up.  Most importantly, Osweiler really looked focused. 

After the first couple series, and taking a 7-0 lead into halftime, I was about 25 feet from the bottom of the ledge. Then the second half started. The Bears drove right down the field and scored.  I started making my way towards the ledge again.  I even tweeted about it.  I believe I said something along the lines of “Dolphins have left the stadium. By that time it was 20-10.  But the Dolphins were hanging tough.

Then all of a sudden the Dolphins offense came alive!  They did an outstanding job all game long.  They were able to hold the Bears stud defensive lineman Khalil Mack in check all game long.  For the first time in 2 games I felt they really had a chance to either win or get this game into overtime. 

And they went to overtime, and it sent me right back up that ledge.  The Dolphins took the ball and drove it right down the field, setting up a first and goal.  They have this one in the bag.  I even started putting my stuff away.  Then, the crowd roared.  But it was the Bears crowd. 

Drake had done the unimaginable. He lost the ball going into the end zone.  The ledge??  I just about jumped off at this point. I sat down, face firmly planted in my palms.  Listening  to the Bears fans behind me screaming made me feel like someone just ripped my heart out.  Or pushed me off the ledge. 

That nervous feeling started coming back.  The Bears drove to within field goal range. Then on walks Cody Parkey: the kicker that the Dolphins let go.  It would end that way, I thought.  So I assumed by normal position.  The one I have done for 40 years watching these games.  I turned around and focused on the Dolphins fan to my right. I can’t watch.  I use the crowd noise to gauge if the ball goes through or not.   

I finally heard the roar, and thankfully, it was from the Dolphins fans!  Parkey missed it and the Dolphins had life again.  Or at least they weren’t going to lose.  By this time, the clock was a factor. They needed to either get into field goal range or it would end in a tie.  How fitting was it that Drake lead the way for the Dolphins to have a shot.

“I wanted it — I always want an opportunity to go out there and kick a field goal,” Jason Sanders said after nailing a 47-yard attempt on the final play in overtime Sunday to give the Dolphins a 31-28 victory over the Chicago Bears. “The mentality I need to have is I want that kick. I can’t go out there scared. If I go out there scared, that’s when I end up missing.”

What a fitting ending.  And of course I had to watch the kick on replay.  ‘Cause, well, you know….


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