Miami Dolphins Fall to New York Jets

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 By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

Jets-20  Dolphins- 6

I gave it 24 hrs and rewatched the Dolphins – Jets game.  Twice.  Just to be able to come up with some-thing positive to write about.

As far as the game is concerned, I’ll just quote what Adam Gase said in his  post game presser:   “Jets kicked the s@@t out of us.” End quote.

So with that, I’ll give you a few stats:


First Downs  MIA- 16  JETS-16
3rd Down MIA-1/12  JETS-4/13
Total Net Yards  MIA-225  JETS-336
Off Plays  MIA-63  JETS-59
Avg Gain MIA-3.6  JETS-5.7
Rushing Net  MIA-30  JETS-103
Passing Net  MIA-195  JETS-233
Penalties (Yds)  MIA-8 (51)  JETS-10 (94)
Turnovers  MIA-2  JETS_1
Punts (Avg)  MIA-7 (47.6)  JETS-5 (48.6)
TDs  MIA-1  JETS-2
FGs  MIA 0-0 JETS 2-3
TO Remain  MIA-2 JETS -1

Time of Poss. MIA 23:52  JETS 36:08

1 for 12 on third down…..What does that equal??  Yep, our defense was on the field the ENTIRE first half.  From the very first play you could just tell that it wasn’t going to be our day. As many Dolphins fans  know: when things go wrong with us, they go VERY wrong.  If I sat here and wrote about every single thing that did go wrong, I would be here all day.  Bottom line, the Jets came to play.  The Dolphins coaches got out-coached, and our players got outplayed, period.  End of Story.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite

On a positive note…. Shout-out to all the Dolphins fans that traveled to Metlife stadium.   Every year the Dolphins Fans in New York City host a “Metlife takeover.”   Dolphin fans get to meet and talk with other fans and Dolphins brass that attended.   It looks like another great time was had by all.  They do a wonderful job and this should be a bucket list item for all Dolphins fans.

Thumbs up guys!!   Great job!!

Now we are off across the pond to face quarterback Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints in Londan, England!

Lisa Johnson
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