Don’t worry Pats fans. I’m here for you!

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield //  @Mom23RN

Thanks to my pal Murph, my kids have been indoctrinated into Patriot Nation. Well… at least two of them. The third is just trying to get on to UCLA’s women’s gymnastics team.

But as we know, their quarterback Tom Brady moved on to warmer pastures and is taking his talents to Tampa Bay.  And with all that’s going on, Patriot Fan, I’m here for you.  In a socially distant type of way, of course.

See… while most NFL fans (especially the AFC East peeps) are doing happy dances and the like, I was starting to feel bad for you.  We all knew that the end would come at some point, but wasn’t expecting it right now.

Then it hit me this morning that the winner of the NFC will theoretically have to get through Brady.  If (hopefully) he’ll be able to reproduce a single season in Tampa like the ones he had in New England, look out.

The Lions play the Buccaneers this year… I wonder if they can pull the same magic they used the last time they played Brady.  But I digress…

So Patriots Fan, I’m here for you.  While the rest of NFL fans have been laughing at you guys and giving you crap, I’m here to say I feel your pain.  Well “Pain” because let’s be honest, winning six Super Bowls is a pain that I wish I had.

But seriously, it’s been a good run for you guys. I really do feel bad for you guys.  The amount of success your team had has been amazing, and I’m sorry to see it end for you.  And, I highly doubt that there is a person who wouldn’t give anything for the success that your team has had. There probably are, because there’s always that one. And if someone says that they wouldn’t, fine.  But I know I for sure would be.

So, good luck next season.  I’m off to remind my kids that even though Tom Brady is gone, that they still are a part of Patriots Nation!  And just like I’m there for them, I’m there for you Pats Nation!


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