Doomed first year head coaches?

Lisa Johnson
Senior NFL Reporter

By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

As we prepare for the new 2019 NFL season, 8 teams have new head coaches, with 6 of them being first-time head coaches.: Cardinals, Bengals, Browns, Packers, Dolphins, Broncos.

The Jets and Bucs have hired coaches with previous head coaching experience.

As we prepare for mini camps, voluntary and mandatory, the media is in full force with its cycle of praise and criticism, almost seemly setting some up for instant success or in other cases instance failure.

This leaves many fans questioning how their favorite teams could make such a questionable hire.

You can look at the two experienced yet “new” head coaches, that being Adam Gase of the New York Jets and Bruce Arians of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and can see both these men have clearly already demonstrated their coaching style. Yet Gase is already under the microscope in New York with his bizarre press conferences and front office debacles.

The media is also quick to point out during his 3-year tenure with the Miami Dolphins, Gase managed only 23 wins. Forgotten is the playoff appearance in his first year as Dolphins head coach. Yet it still, at least from the media’s perspective, appears that the Jets are doomed before take off.

While down South, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians, who holds a  49–30–1 record from his time as Cardinal’s HC, seems to have the Bucs on the upswing according to many. Watching his press conferences, he seems to lay the foundation down as easy as spreading soft butter on toast.

This makes me wonder, could it be the market they are in? The New York media has always been known to be harsh and straight to the point, leaving no room for excuses. While down in Florida, Arians has won over the media and appears to have all the answers. It looks like night and day between these two teams.

Then you look at the other 6 teams with new head coaches, ones who have never been HCs before, the media can’t really criticize their moves simply because they don’t know them. When you start to see articles of which a first-year head coach is doomed in his first year, 10 years ago you’d as a fan would just laugh that off. Now, not so much.

Think about how quickly coaches are replaced now. The NFL has become a “win now” league and coaches don’t often have the luxury of building a team. To think that we already have doomed first-year head coaches, and we are still 2 months away from training camp, it can be very damaging to them before they even get started.

While fun for some fans, it can be agonizing for others. Either way, the offseason can be harsh and in the end, every one of these head coaches has a job to do. And if they are successful at it, all of these questions are forgotten. It would be nice to let them at least coach one meaningful game before we label them DOOMED!


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