Doug Pederson is writing a book, so what?

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By Roxaan Herrera // @rxnlzbth 

As I’m scrolling through social media last night, trying to catch up on all sorts of the day’s news, I come across a gem of a tweet from Fox Sports’ radio personality Colin Cowherd.

For some reason, he has an issue with Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach, Doug Pederson, writing a book this off-season, Fearless. I’m assuming this book is based on the road to winning the Super Bowl (I’m not sure yet, I haven’t read it) and Cowherd has taken offense to that.


Apparently, Pederson isn’t allowed to write a book because he isn’t a tenured coach. I guess being a Super Bowl winning coach within two years of taking on a team that was previously in complete shambles doesn’t count for anything. Apparently losing your starting quarterback, starting left tackle, starting guard for a few games, or your elite running back and still beating the odds in one of the toughest sports championships in the nation isn’t something to write about.

Are fans not to enjoy the one Super Bowl that was won with genuine camaraderie, excellent leadership, sportsmanship and trust among the players and coaches simply because coaches like Bill Belichick haven’t written a book about their Super Bowl rings? Should Pederson not write a book that shares his personal experience with a team that showed grace and resilience during the 2017 season?

Colin Cowherd chose to focus on the bad qualities of what it is to be an Eagles fan – because a jail cell was built in the stadium for extra rowdy fans or maybe because players are actual human beings who have opinions on real-world issues that can affect them? He considers them to be “outspoken” as if it were a bad thing.

I’m still trying to figure out why he bothered comparing the Eagles to Seattle.  Because they both have a 1 – 2 record in Super Bowls? They both signed Michael Bennett? They both have beastly defenses? And did he say “flashy quarterbacks”? Who is flashy of the three QBs? Nick Foles, who has probably the quietest demeanor and personality of the three? Or Carson Wentz, who never speaks out of turn and has a calm attitude? Or third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld, who we still know little about. Not even Russell Wilson is flashy and he’s married to a high-profile celebrity.

Maybe he thinks that with the “noise” Pederson is bringing because of his book, he thinks it will jinx the Eagles. Well, thank you for your concern, Colin, but with all due respect, there’s a reason Coach Pederson is on the field and you’re not.

It baffles me the amount of negativity and hate the Eagles have gotten since February, and the number of excuses still being made. I guess that comes with the territory of being a Super Bowl winner. I’ll bet good money that Doug Pederson or any of the Eagles aren’t losing sleep over this.

And, frankly, neither am I.

Go Eagles!


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