Eagles Are Taking It One Game At A Time

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By Roxaane Herrera //@rxnlzbth

Eagles- 10     Seahawks- 24


All week, I was anxious about this game. I knew it would be tough to play against Seattle in Seattle.  I just figured it would be more competitive, or at the very least a fun game to watch. As frustrating as it was, though, I’m okay with this loss.  Eagles needed to face a playoff caliber team; a team who was desperate for a win, in order to get experience in that type of environment.

So far this season, Philadelphia has held the number one spot.  The main critique of this Eagles team is the lack of experience they have if they get the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl.  They have a young quarterback and a second-year head coach and multiple players who have little to no exposure to the postseason.  Quarterback Carson Wentz needed the pressure.  He needed to gain an understanding of the importance of staying composed and not giving in to the crowd or his own head.  For example, the fumble he caused was definitely preventable.  He could have slid feet first instead of going for the touchdown, there was still a lot of time left on the clock.  That was the first of two huge plays to go against them.

Head coach Doug Pederson, I felt, was overthinking or second-guessing himself on a lot of calls.  He was too conservative in the beginning, and it seemed like he didn’t trust the defense to stop Wilson, so he forced a lot of fourth downs.   However, to the defense’s defense (ha! See what I did there!?) Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson is not the easiest guy to bring down. He’s so small but so elusive.  You could tell the defense was getting tired of chasing after him all game.  They haven’t had to deal with such a mobile quarterback before, and that’s something they have to practice.  You know,  in case there’s a rematch later. 

Pederson should also make his own decisions in throwing challenge flags.  Some calls will be worth losing a timeout for.  However, with plays such as what was clearly a forward pass, a second look could have possibly reversed the call.  And that would have changed the entire game.

Speaking of changing the game, how many times are the Eagles going to have to face the NFL referees this season?  I wasn’t even going to mention them at all, even though they were too flag-happy for a while until they called back what was an obvious pass interference.  This is the second time that the refs have decided the game.  If this is a new trend, the NFL needs to put some rules into place as to how to defend against the refs as well.

Regardless, there were still too many missed opportunities and a lot of mistakes that need to be quickly addressed. Luckily, there is still a lot of football left to be played. It is a tight race in the NFL.   As long as the Eagles handle their business, they still have a chance in getting the first round BYE.   But, one game at a time. In a way, Sunday night’s loss was needed.  And as long as the team learns from it and improves, then it was a meaningful loss. 


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