Eagles Are Their Own Worst Enemy

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By Roxann Herrera //@rxnlzbth

Eagles – 31     Bears – 3


After enjoying some much needed time off and a long overdue family gathering, I watched the Eagles/Bears game and had the biggest smile on my face.  It was a great weekend personally, and I  wasn’t too concerned about the outcome of the game.  But, if I’m being honest, it feels pretty good having this kind of confidence in your team. 

The Philadelphia Eagles played a sloppy game with three total fumbles for the day and it was frustrating to watch because these are the kinds of mistakes we can’t afford to make when it counts the most.  Sunday’s game wasn’t the most important game of the season, not even close.  However, turnovers of any kind need to be immediately addressed. Fortunately, Chicago didn’t gain any points from any of those fumbles but the same thing can’t be said for a team such as Seattle or maybe even the Rams, which are the Eagles’ next two road games.

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I wanted to put in my two cents regarding a comment that Rodney Harrison said during the Sunday Night Football pre-game show.   He was asked who is Philadelphia’s biggest rival for the remainder of the season.  Harrison said the Eagles.    Host Dan Patrick and previous Colts head coach Tony Dungy were a little confused at first, but I immediately understood what he meant.  I could not agree with him more.

This can be said for just about any team, but yes, the Eagles are essentially the only ones that can beat themselves.   If they lose focus, if they lose their mindset, if they lose sight of the goal, everything could easily crumble. The NFL shows no mercy for teams that are on a high only to fall apart when winning games actually matters.   Those other teams will chew you up and spit you out so that they can have the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl.

I am not at all worried about the Philadelphia Eagles. I believe in this team, as I do every year, but there’s something about this particular group of guys that makes me feel that this year is different.   I can’t wait to see what this last month of 2017 will bring as an Eagles fan!  And I’m hoping that 2018 will bring even better news!

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