Eagles Continue Their Stride

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By Roxaan Herrera // @roxaaneh

Eagles – 33   49ers – 10

Sunday’s game against the 49ers felt sluggish and looked sloppy.  The Eagles started off slow, and the rain didn’t make it any easier.  Still, quarterback Carson Wentz managed to bring his team together and come away with their 6th straight win in Philadelphia.   This win keeps them number one in the league.

There were a total of nine receivers who contributed a total of 211 receiving yards for the Eagles. If that’s not teamwork, I don’t know what it is! Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery brought in 62 yards and scored a touchdown, and tight end Zack Ertz also scored a huge touchdown and had 34 yards.  The one thing that I have found to be inconsistent is the running game.  It’s not the lack of weapons.  Running back LaGarette Blount eventually accumulated 48 yards, after much effort and Corey Clement got 54 yards.   It’s not hard to notice that the opponents’ goal is to stop Blount, but I think we can utilize the other RBs we have, even if it does slow the game down.

On the other side of the ball, I have next to zero complaints.  Of the four touchdowns scored yesterday, our secondary had two thanks to corners Rodney McLeod and Jalen Mills. Each one had an interception, and Mills’s was a pick six.  With the loss of offensive tackle Jason Peters, it was obvious that the offensive line will need some major adjustments to protect Wentz.   Overall, I think they did as well as expected.  But the way the Eagle’s defense is set up, they are always ready to go in and get multiple 3-and-outs from the opponents.  The defense stepped it up, already knowing that with the wet weather, it may fall on them to keep the momentum of the game going in their direction.

Looking at these numbers on paper, it’s pretty easy to conclude that so far, the Philadelphia Eagles are pretty well balanced on both sides of the ball.  I refuse to draw any more conclusions beyond that point. I am still taking it game by game, and every single week I grow more proud of this team.

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