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by Roxanne Herrera // @rxnlzbth

It’s NFL Draft month! Every year around this time, I tend to take a brief break from football because of the draft. I know very little about college football and because of that, I don’t have much to contribute to conversations about who my team should pick up or the countless mock drafts that are drawn up.

I’m a little embarrassed about it and have started to watch NCAAF these last few years so that I can know what everyone’s talking about, but even with its popularity, I can’t seem to find much interest in college sports, in general.

However, in being so focused on my team and following the latest news on the Philadelphia Eagles, I do form my own opinions on what positions they need or should add based on who they’ve let go and what they lacked in the previous year(s).

Being a Super Bowl winning team does not mean that the Eagles are perfect, although they are pretty damn close. I would say, maybe 99% of the way there. Well, that was until they let running back LeGarrette Blount, tight end Trey Burton, and defensive end Vinny Curry go.

 I knew from the beginning, or rather the end of the season, that this team wasn’t going to be the same. I wasn’t expecting every single player to stay but it still hurt to see them leave not only because they all assisted in helping this team win, but because for the first time in a long time this team was finally playing as a team.

You could see the support and love they had for each other, the confidence they had in each other and the respect they had for their coach. To me, that’s the perfect recipe for a Super Bowl-winning team. No drama, no divas and no-nonsense. But, all good things must come to an end and I know head coach Doug Pederson and general manager Howie Roseman won’t let the fans down.

Here are the positions I think the Eagles need: first and foremost, cornerbacks. CORNER CORNER CORNER. We’ve had trouble in this area for a while now and this should be the focus in the 2018 draft. The Eagles need speed and strength and size for this position; it was scary how many times quarterback Tom Brady was able to complete passes without any pressure on his receivers.

Inside linebacker is another position that needs to be worked on. Jordan Hicks was doing an amazing job until he got injured. Thus, the Eagles should pick up a young player to pick up the pieces for veterans like Hicks or Joe Walker. Speaking of linebackers, Mychal Kendricks has been a part of the trading rumor mill, and if the Eagles do decide to part ways with him, I think outside linebacker would be another important pick up for Philly. A solid defense should make for another Super Bowl run.

On the other side of the ball, once quarterback Carson Wentz comes back, he will need as much protection as possible so as to not miss another season with a second injury. Veteran tackle Jason Peters also missed the Super Bowl because of his own injury and unfortunately, he isn’t getting any younger. Even just two linemen as a backup will immensely help the Eagles’ front.

With another tight end in Brent Celek also being let go, the Eagles will need to look into getting another guy to pair up with Zach Ertz. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up a running back, as well. With Blount out, Eagles will need a strong and agile back who will run straight through defenses. Jay Ajayi is a beast, but Blount was a force to be reckoned with and his absence will be felt.

I’m sure some of these positions will be left out and they’ll pick up some more players later, but I think the key positions such as corner, tackle, and linebacker needs to be younger players who can bounce back from injuries a lot faster.

If you agree or disagree, let me know! Follow me on twitter @rxnlzbth, where I talk about, bash on and gush over all things Eagles! 



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