Eagles Soar To #1

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By Roxaann Herrera // @roxaaneh

FINAL: Eagles – 34   Redskins – 24

And then there was one. NUMBER ONE BABY!!

Okay, enough with the gloating. In all seriousness, I laid in bed well past my bedtime after Monday night’s win just thinking about how far my Philadelphia Eagles have come, not only since I’ve been a fan (wayyy back in 2003), but all throughout the organization’s history.

What separates this season from previous winning seasons, in my humble opinion, is that these wins have been so rightfully earned. We have fought from behind, scrapped against and adjusted according to each opponent.  In Carson Wentz, the Eagles have an exceptional quarterback who has only improved game in and game out with his mechanics, proving his agility and athleticism. He has taken some risks plus some wicked hits in result of those risks but most importantly, has learned from them. He makes this team so special.

These wins, however, come at a price. Monday night, Eagles lost veteran left tackle, and fan favorite, Jason Peters, to what reportedly is a torn ACL and MCL. Linebacker Jordan Hicks also went down with an apparent torn Achilles. If you take into consideration all the injuries that have plagued the Eagles, such as Darren Sproles, Lane Johnson, Ronald Darby, Rodney McLeod, Fletcher Cox, and Wendell Smallwood, being the most notable ones, it’s insane to think that Philadelphia holds the number one spot in the National Football League.

There is no primadonna, there is no drama between any players, the head coach has gained the respect of his players, and the quarterback has earned his position as the leader. Everyone has played their role letting their teammates play their own. All of this combined is why this team is so special.

Fun fact: The last time the Eagles went 6-1, they made a Super Bowl appearance. Now, we don’t need to relive what happened after that, and I am trying to take this season week by week, but seriously, how can you NOT see how special Wentz is?! How can you not see what a remarkable playmaker he is and how high his football IQ is?! This man knows what he’s doing on the field and he is motivating his team to achieve greatness.

Another fun fact: Wentz, at only 24 years old, is the youngest NFL quarterback to throw 17+ touchdowns and no more than 4 interceptions in the first 7 games since Dan Marino (23) in 1984. Being in a category with the likes of Marino is pretty high praise, and Wentz is only in his second year!

I am very proud of my team, as I am every year, but my heart is overjoyed with just how amazing the Eagles have played so far. I don’t mind the doubters, the haters, and the skeptics, if anything I ask that they continue their disdain. I refuse to waste my breath bragging or convincing others about MY team. I am following the Eagles’ footsteps and letting the talk happen on the field, you know the classy way. And to me, this is what makes this team so special.

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