Even with loss, much to be pleased with in Seattle’s third preseason game

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By Dayna O’Gorman //@DaynaOG

The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Minnesota Vikings last night, 21-20,  losing their third preseason game. However, even with the loss, most Seahawks fans were very pleased with what they saw during the game.

No one will argue that Seattle had a lot of work to be done after watching the first two preseason games. Concerns about the offensive line still lingered. The run game, while looking much improved, still lacked in many areas. The defense, which had a major overhaul in the offseason, seemed to have holes. However, many of those issues seemed to shrink after this last game.

Any Seahawks fan will tell you that the offensive line has been the biggest problem for the team over the last few years. Seattle traded for offensive tackle Duane Brown toward the end of last season, then added guard D.J. Fluker in the offseason. That, along with consistency in the other positions, seems to be turning the worst offensive line in football into a solid group.

In the above clip, you also see a huge improvement in the run game.  I say huge because, as Baldinger says above, when was the last time you saw a Seattle running back score? This preseason has shown us that the current running back group is not just a serviceable group, but could have some break out stars in it.

The shining light among them is RB Chris Carson, who is receiving praise from many in the NFL. Most thought 2017 would be his break out year, however as it did for all Seattle running backs, injury kept him from truly taking off. This preseason we are again seeing a player who could really turn into a star.

RB Mike Davis is another that is proving his worth in the backfield. You often hear him described as a guy who can do it all. Run, catch, block, he is an all-purpose back who seems to have settled in quite nicely in new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s scheme.

The Seattle defense has been eulogized over and over this offseason by the national media. The loss of so many players who played key roles in Seattle’s stellar defense makes it easy to dismiss the current players. After watching the last preseason game, I would say that opinion is premature. Realizing that Seattle plays Minnesota again later this year, and assuming the Vikings held a lot back due to that, there was still a lot to be impressed with from the starters.

Was it perfect? No. It was obvious that the secondary is desperately missing superstar safety Earl Thomas, who is still holding out. However, cornerback Shaquill Griffin proved he is without question a starter, and a star, on this team. The pass rush needs some improvement but wasn’t a total disaster either. Overall what we saw that linebackers Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright are the true leaders of this defense. Where they go, the defense will follow. I, as a fan, am completely ok with that.

I leave you with the above video. I have never, and I mean never, seen a fan base so excited about special teams. Punter Michael Dickson, who replaced the beloved Jon Ryan, has become a fan favorite. With punts like the one above, anyone can see why.


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