Fantasy Football Update Week 1

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Fantasy Football Reporter

Week 1 is in the books.


Highlights from each league

Originals League: KikoWalk had an amazing 161.07 points with a surprising 41 of them coming from the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. Drago Unchained earned second spot with a big game from rookie RB Leonard Fournette, also from the Jaguars. Kareem Hunt‘s amazing 47.6 stats gave Bongs over Brussel Sprouts a comfortable third place finish.

Female Free #1: Tops in our league was Gpodawund with 140.84 points. Again, RB Kareem Hunt from the Kansas City Chiefs helped her win with his 43.1 point day. Golden Tate Bridge was a close second. Her top scorers being the LA Rams defense with 28 points.

Female Free #2: BrownLee produced an unbelievable 170.08 points in Week 1! She has an incredible overall team, complete with Kareem Hunt, who was outstanding. Tough to compete against that.

Female BuyIn: Defending champ, The McGibblets, is tops in the league after Week 1 with 147.42 points. Her ‘Chiefsiest’ performer was Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill with 23.3 points. The irony here is that on her bench, from the same team, is Kareem Hunt!!

Coed BuyIn: Scoring in at 134.98 points, and in first place, is Pink Panthers. Thanks to Kareem Hunt and QB Derek Carr, she remained at the top of the pack in the first week of action.

Top Players

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the New England Patriots team that supplied top fantasy ranked players in Week 1. It was just the opposite. The Kansas City Chiefs is the team displayed beside top scorers Kareem Hunt and QB Alex Smith. Go check out the full list of winners, and losers, at and then set your team accordingly.

Fantasy Tip of the Week

A little bit of luck is always helpful too.

Stay Ahead of the League

Our good friend, Liz Loza at Yahoo Fantasy is an excellent follow on twitter. Her Week 1 article for sleepers just may have included Kareem Hunt – Five fantasy players who will start fast in 2017.  I highly suggest you read what sleepers to grab for Week 2.

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