Fantasy Football Update Week 3

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By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

The conundrum this past weekend in the NFL made for some new names popping up in this week’s article.

Highlights from each league

Originals League: What’s COOKin Good Looking had a spectacular week topping the league with 167.30 points. QB Tom Brady (Patriots) scored her a cool 56.80 points, along with teammate WR Brandin Cooks (Patriots) scoring 30+ points. In second place is Bongs Over Brussels Sprouts with 160.63 points. Her top performers being QB Kirk Cousins (Redskins) 47.53 points and RB Kareem Hunt (Chiefs) 29.30 points.

>> LEADER: Bongs Over Brussels Sprouts (3-0)

Female Free #1: Pulling out a win this week is Liz’s Primo Team with 154.12 points. Adding up the points quickly for me included Brandin Cooks, plus three other players each with 20+ points. Halifax Hurricanes is next with 133.92 points. Offensive threats QB Russell Wilson and WR Doug Baldwin from the Seattle Seahawks combined to give her 55 points. WR Sammy Watkins (new LA Rams acquisition) provided 25.60 points.

>> LEADER: Gpodawund (3-0)

Female Free #2: This was a close battle. The top two teams went head-to-head this week with BrownLee squeezing out a win by a mere .56 of a point. This keeps her in the lead over Team TriSARAHtops.

>> LEADER: BrownLee (3-0)

Female BuyIn: With the help of Tom Brady and Chicago’s RB Jordan Howard who accumulated 28.90 points, Beth’s Lady ‘Skins rose to the top with 150.82 points. League leader, The McGibblets, had help from Brandin Cooks, Kareem Hunt and WR Odell Beckham Jr (Giants) who scored 24.40 points. On the defensive side, LB Ryan Shazier (Steelers) forced fumbles and collected her a cool 17.00 points.

>> NEW LEADER: The McGibblets (2-1)

Coed Free: Andrea Shellow topped this league with 145.86 points. Brandin Cooks, RB Antonio Brown (Steelers) and RB Carlos Hyde (49ers) were top producers each with 20+ points each. A close second goes to prissybee’s Team, scoring in at 140.80 points. Her top producer was from Monday Night Football, WR Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals) with 27.40 points.

>> NEW LEADER: Heels n Football (2-1)

Coed BuyIn: Kudos to my competitor this week, They Siemian Rollin’, who flew past me accumulating 147.20 points along the way. In this group of 20+ point getters was WR T.Y. Hilton (Colts) with 24.80 points. Prissybee’s Team pulled off another second-place finish with 134.42 points, despite her Baltimore Ravens defense having -4.00 points. Her top fantasy points came from QB Aaron Rodgers (Packers) 25.82 points, WR AJ Green (Bengals) 22.10 points and Jordan Howard.

>> NEW LEADER: They Siemian Rollin’ (2-1)

Top Players

RB Todd Gurley (Rams) had quite the performance during Thursday Night Football putting a lot of us ahead for the week. Any of you who put Stefon Diggs, WR (Vikings) in your lineup must be quite happy too. He had a big week! Go check out the full list of winners, and losers, at and then set your team accordingly.

Fantasy Tip of the Week

Have a look at third-year receivers, often a good sleeper to pick up.

Stay Ahead of the League

Liz Loza penned some waiver wire pickups to consider for Week 4.

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