Fantasy Football Update Week 8

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Anybody like theories? I’m taking a unique journey with my fantasy football teams this season – going with the basic stats. My drafting reports mostly were in the higher than average category. Here’s my strategy:

Each week my starters are the players or defense with the highest projected points from my team. If it’s a bye week, I drop the extra position player on my team with the least points for the season. The top player for that position available is added to my team. Same goes for players who are out for the season due to injury. I have 5 teams – 1 NFL, 4 Yahoo.

I’ll be sharing my findings as we progress through the season. Should be interesting.

Here’s some fun stats I found @NFL

Now, let’s see who was tops in the Our Turf Football leagues.


  • Week winner – A Gurley Has No Name with 196.83 points!!
  • 1st place in league – SUH and a Half Men 6-2

Female Free #1:

  • Week winner – Gpodawund with 147.56 points
  • 1st place in league – Gpodawund 6-2

Female Free #2:

  • Week winner – BrownLee with 157.24 points
  • 1st place in league – BrownLee 7-1

Female BuyIn:

  • Week winner – WandaC’s Team with 143.18 points
  • 1st place in league – WandaC’s Team 6-2

Coed Free:

  • Week winner – Cdn_C_Hawk with 155.62 points
  • 1st place in league – prissybee’s Team 6-2

Coed BuyIn:

  • Week winner – Puto’s Team with 121.22 points
  • 1st place in league – Pink Panthers 7-1

Second Opinion

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