Fantasy Football Update Week 9

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By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Moving along with my fantasy football theory of playing the projected stats…

Roster drops/adds are limited to injured players out for the season and bye weeks. Tight ends, team defense and defensive players I only keep one so when a bye week happens they are dropped and those players/teams available with the highest points for the season are added.

I have five fantasy teams, one NFL and four Yahoo. Each of those rosters is quite different. This week I had top points in four of those five leagues (see below), thanks to the New York Jets defense, wide receiver Doug Baldwin and running back Todd Gurley II.  If only I could win more weeks. Anyone else have that problem?

Currently, my combined points for are 5090.73 with points against 5023.81. Average win/loss ratio is 4.2 wins to 4.8 losses with an average league standing of 5.4. Average appears to be the key word here.

Maybe average is exactly where I will finish as I continue along this path of playing the highest projected stats per position each week. Stay tuned to see what happens in week 10 of NFL fantasy football.

Here’s a look at what’s happening around the league right now.

courtesy @NFL

And here’s the playoff picture as it stands after week 9. The above teams get in for best record in each of the 8 divisions. Wild cards for NFC are Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers. Wild cards for AFC are Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars. Interesting.

courtesy @NFL 

Now, let’s see who was tops in Our Turf Football fantasy leagues.


  • Week winner – FitzOn with 151.93 points (that’s me)
  • 1st place in league – SUH and a Half Men 7-2

Female Free #1:

  • Week winner – Liz’s Primo Team with 133.86 points (that’s me)
  • 1st place in league – Gpodawund 7-2

Female Free #2:

  • Week winner – MinKee with 149.72 points
  • 1st place in league – BrownLee 8-1

Female BuyIn:

  • Week winner – Liz’s Legendary Team with 151.32 points (that’s me)
  • 1st place in league – WandaC’s Team 7-2

Coed Free:

  • Week winner – DawgPoundHound with 142.32 points
  • 1st place in league – Heels n Football 7-2

Coed BuyIn:

  • Week winner – Liz’s Legendary Team with 112.08 points (that’s me)
  • 1st place in league – Pink Panthers 7-2


Second Opinion

If you have some time, check out Lots of great info to help you set that perfect lineup. Good luck to you!

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