Fighting in the NFL: Crabtree, Talib Suspended

Photo by NFL.Com

By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8  

Today the NFL announced that Oakland Raider Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree and Denver Bronco Cornerback Aqib Talib would be suspended for two games without pay as a result of the fight that took place on Sunday.

Last season, Talib ripped the gold chain off of Crabtree’s neck during a play, causing a lot of comments but no consequences for either player. They didn’t meet when the Raiders played the Broncos earlier this year since Crabtree did not play, but he knew something might happen this week and he was prepared.  At least, he thought he was prepared…

But alas, during a play in which Crabtree was blocking Talib, he felt the chain get ripped off again and took that opportunity to block Talib right down to the ground.  They gained their feet, Crabtree, without his helmet, and he threw a punch at Talib. Now, trying to hit a guy wearing a helmet isn’t the brightest thing to do, but tempers run high during games and since the NFL didn’t feel the need to discipline Talib last year, it would seem Crabtree felt honor-bound to avenge his broken chain.

Sentiments on twitter seem to weigh heavily on the side of Crabtree, plus most seem to think the two-game suspensions are overkill. While I don’t think Crabtree was justified in throwing a punch, I do agree that the suspension is too much considering the role both the NFL and the Broncos played by their inaction over last seasons antics.


What this fight does accomplish, however, is to add one more item to the list of problems that the NFL and Roger Goodell need to address. From the National Anthem protests to the rising injury rates and CTE to the less-than-stellar product on the field, ratings are on the decline. They risk losing fans if they don’t get this ship righted.

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