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Fowling: The New Sport Bringing Football and Bowling Together

There’s a new sport out there and this is one that brings two very different pastimes together. Fowling is the name of the game, which is taking the world by storm, as both football and bowling fans get their kick with it. Join us as we take a look at what’s making this sport such a success with players and spectators alike.

The Origins of the Sport

This sport was the creation of one man from Michigan, who wanted to combine his love for both sports into one game. You need a whole lot of space to play this game, so it’s best played in a warehouse or bowling alley. It’s something of a variation that has competitors launching American footballs down a lane of the alley.

If you’re looking for something similar then you can also play hybrid sports with bingo too for even more of the sports based experience. Sports seem to go well with lots of other hobbies, so it makes sense that they appear all over the place.

How is it Played?

The rules of the game are pretty similar to that of beer pong, just on a much larger scale. It was invented in a carpark while tailgating, as the inventor wanted all that classic beer pong fun out in the open. Matches have been played for charity and for fun around the world since its invention.

The object of the game is to knock down the opponent’s pins before they can knock down yours. You do this by launching the football down the ‘alleys’ at your opponent’s pins. Then, it’s just a case of being the best and you’ll get to blow the giant horn when you’ve won. Treat yourself to some prizes to share with competitors if you want to play this game.

This is a super innovative game and it’s a blast to play and watch, if you’ve got the space then you can try it out for yourself. It doesn’t always need to be a party game but you’ll find the more people that are involved, the better it will be for you.

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