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By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN


I’ll be the first to admit.  When I saw that defensive end Harold Landry was going to be on the board for the Lions at the 20th pick, I was getting excited.  THIS was going to be the year the Lions FINALLY got it right, and are going to draft a much-needed player.

The pick was in, and it was center Frank Ragnow from Arkansas.


OK, not initially what was expected. (This is why I don’t do mock drafts, it’s all too crazy.)  Though I did feel that offensive line was going to be addressed, I just didn’t think that they would address it so early.

But I did some research, and saw this:

Then this:


Lions Fam…..He didn’t allow a sack.  Not one sack.  That’s some great protection.  Last year, quarterback Matthew Stafford was sacked 47 times.  I realize that no sacks is nearly impossible in the NFL, however, getting that type of protection?  Nice job.   General Manager Bob Quinn has managed to rebuild the offensive line in about 2 seasons.  He’s added right guard TJ Lang, right tackle Ricky Wagner, and left guard Graham Glasgow.  Now they’ve got Ragnow at center to help anchor this line.  Plenty of good guys, and a new offensive line coach.  Just like that, you’ve got hope for an improved run game and pass protection.  And there are plenty of good running backs still on the board.  Yes, please.

There was, however, some concern about Ragnow as well.  He did suffer a high ankle sprain in October 2017, which ended his season.  He only participated in the bench press (he did 26 reps at 225 lbs) at the NFL Combine, and nothing else.   He preferred to let his tape do the talking for him.   There’s always a concern about a kid coming off of an injury.  However, he’s had plenty of time to rest and heal, so he should be NFL ready.

While Ragnow wasn’t who most people thought they’d take at the 20th pick, I think we’ve learned that as Lions fans, we need to trust the process.   As one Lions fan put it,

Or this from the Lions themselves:

4 years ago, this would have been a problem. But now….I feel like they really do have this. Let’s see what happens Day 2.



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