Game day superstitions

Lisa Johnson,
Miami Dolphins Reporter

By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

I thought about doing an article like this for several years now, only to chicken out because it seemed so silly. 

Plus I thought I was the only one in America that does this.

But come this Sunday, as most are sitting down with a beer and some Chicken wings, or gathering with friends at a bar to watch our beloved 3-0 Dolphins travel to dreaded Foxboro, I will be waxing my boat. 

Lisa’s Boat. It’ll be shiny come Sunday afternoon

See, for the past several years (or as long as I can remember) games like this one have been just too much for me to sit down and watch. I have never been able to just sit down and enjoy an away Dolphins game. I always have to be moving. I see it as my way of giving the team luck. 

For most away games, I always find some sort of task to do to keep myself busy. Usually, while the fellas are doing their thing, I have the TV on and the radio not too far away. Just in case I need to take a peek or listen to what’s going on every now and then.   

I never stray too far away, however. Because if they’re doing well, I stay in that same shirt and keep doing exactly what I have been doing. Because if I didn’t, it’d break the mojo I’ve got going. As I read this back to myself, I am hopeful there are others like me. This way, I won’t have to immediately go get checked into some sort of football rehab program for superstitious fans. 

Here’s the funny thing: when the Dolphins are at home, and for whatever reason, I’m not in attendance, I actually can sit down and watch the game.  I don’t have to do any tasks.  I just have my laptop and Twitter and I’m engaging with fans and chatting it up.  OK… I do change my shirt or drink cup and maybe pace a bit if they’re not doing so well.  But I don’t have to actually do a task to keep busy like I do with away games. 

So Sunday while you all are relaxing watching the game, regardless of the outcome of the game, I’m gonna have one shiny boat!!!

Let’s GO FINS!!  


Make sure Lisa knows she’s not alone.  We found a few of you already… 

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