Grading the Philadelphia Eagles Draft

By Roxaan Herrera // @roxaaneh

Let me preface this by saying I don’t follow college football closely at all. I watch a few games every year, but I don’t know any players other than the ones continuously mentioned on TV or social media. This grade is based solely on my knowledge of the game, the Philadelphia Eagles roster pre-draft and my personal opinions on what I think we need to make us a better team… and hopefully a Super Bowl winning team.

I wasn’t as anxious about the 2017 NFL draft as I was in previous years. In fact, this is probably the most calm I’ve felt watching the draft since becoming a football fan. One reason is obviously because we finally have a quarterback in Carson Wentz who is packed with potential and the skills to back up his strong desire to win it all with the Eagles. But also because this is the first time in a long time where I trust the front office and the coach and it was like a huge weight lifted off me when the 14th pick came along and we drafted a defensive end. My thought was Yes! We are finally focusing on defense.

A lot of people on my Twitter feed didn’t really share that same sentiment. They wanted someone that Wentz can throw to or hand off to, something that I agree with but I don’t think running backs or wide receivers are an emergency like having threats in the back field on defense. We have a beastly front four, but corners and safeties we have been inconsistent in and I, for one, thought we were off to a great start in the draft.

The 2017 Eagles draft picks include: DE Derek Barnett, CB Sidney Jones, CB Rasul Douglas, WR Mack Hollins, RB Donnell Pumhphrey, WR Shelton Gibson, LB Nathan Gerry and DT Elijah Qualls. It looks like it is pretty evenly split between defense and offense, and we still have a lot more offseason to go before making additions and final cuts.

My grade for the 2017 NFL Draft: a solid B.

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I’m very happy with who we have, as far as positions I felt we needed to focus more on. What these players will bring to the table is another story and one I can’t wait to share with you all later this year! I hope you are as happy with your team’s picks, too.

Remember, these are all young and impressionable athletes still, and what they read on social media can make the difference between becoming positive role models and star players or… not. Let’s help them be the best men they can possibly be on and off the field.

Congratulations to the draft class of 2017!

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