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By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan // @LUCYrk78

2017 was a disappointing season in Green Bay. When Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone in Week 6, the situation was made even worse by it happening against our biggest rivals, the Minnesota Vikings.

It would have seemed that Rodgers going down was an opportunity for Brett Hundley to step up. Though we hadn’t seen much out of Hundley (players second to Rodgers rarely will, except in the case of extreme emergency), we’d heard great things.

However, there was nothing exciting or hopeful for the Packers’ season once Hundley took the field. In the 10 games that Hundley started and played in, the team made only 21 red zone trips, Rodgers made those same 21 trips in only six games. Of those 21 red zone trips, “the team was able to move the ball inside the 10-yard line only 42.8 percent of the time,” according to Fansided.

At the same time Rodgers went down, so did the performance of the defense. More and more players were out with injuries as the weeks progressed. Dom Capers didn’t have much ingenuity in terms of his play calling, and many articles would come out week after week describing just what opposing teams needed to do to break the defense Green Bay still had.

When all the journalists are predicting plays, you know that the opposing teams had plans – Capers just became too predictable. Hopefully, this upcoming season, new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine will be the solution to that.

We always say that wins and losses don’t come down to just one player and that the quarterback cannot carry the team, nor should he be blamed for losses, but we have seen in recent years, that the Packers just cannot win without Rogers. I desperately hope that training camp gives the team the opportunity to bring in fresh players that can also hold their own and carry the team.

Luckily, we’ll get to watch!

This past Thursday, the NFL announced the Packer’s third preseason game will be on the NFL Network. It might sting a bit to watch – the first time in over 15 years that the Packers travel to Oakland to face the Raiders will also be the first time we’re up against Jordy Nelson.

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