Green Bay’s Nightmare Comes to Life as Rodgers Breaks Collarbone

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan // @Lucyrk78

Minnesota Vikings 23 – Green Bay Packers 10

It was supposed to be the perfect Packers watching day. I was at one of my favorite client’s sports bars and was going to watch the Packers vs Vikings game with my favorite Vikings fan. Before he even arrived, he was smack talking my team, and I was pretty smug, *knowing* I would easily win the day.

Within only seven minutes my perfect day was shattered along with quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone. At first, when Rodgers went down after being tackled by Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr, it looked to me like perhaps he had hit him hard in the stomach, and maybe he got the wind knocked out of him. Then the replays began and I saw just how hard Rodgers landed on his right shoulder. His right shoulder. His throwing side.

Perhaps worse than when Aaron Rodgers had his last collarbone fracture in 2013, that injury occurred to his left side, and he still missed 7 weeks. If Rodgers needs surgery, he will absolutely miss the rest of this season. If he can avoid surgery, Green Bay Packers’ fans can hope and hope and hope that he will miss 6-8 weeks and return this season.

When you are the backup for Aaron Rodgers, it goes without saying that you don’t see much field time. I can’t remember seeing quarterback Brett Hundley much, and the Packers had no choice but to turn to him once Rodgers went down. Unsurprisingly, after not playing much, he fumbled the ball, was sacked four times and threw three interceptions. He did have a touchdown, but the Packers ended up losing to the Vikings 23-10. This would not have happened under Rodgers.

So what now? Of course, rumors began swirling almost immediately. Would Hundley continue as the backup? Would Green Bay bring in former quarterback Tony Romo, or is it finally the chance for quarterback Colin Kaepernick to get back on an NFL team? We know that Kaep has been working out, but he missed training camp and doesn’t know the complexities of working with the Packers like Hundley does. In my opinion, it’s a bit absurd to bring Romo back. He simply hasn’t played in too long.

Green Bay fans are a tough bunch, but I have to be realistic. While no one player carries an entire team, Aaron Rodgers comes pretty close. I have to believe that as much as I hope I’m wrong, it seems our Super Bowl dreams are in as many pieces as Rodgers’ collarbone at this moment. Too dramatic? I hope it is. And I hope I’m wrong.

Next Sunday, the Green Bay Packers will visit the New Orleans Saints.

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