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HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!  Between the months of July and January every year, this is my motto, an everyday utterance that is echoed by people around the world.  Why?  And just who am I that this simple four word phrase has such meaning to me?  Well, that’s easy……

My name is Beth and I’m a die hard Redskins fan!!!

People always ask “Why are you such a fan of the Redskins?  They haven’t done anything since 1992 when they won Super Bowl 26.”  The answer is simple, my dad introduced me to the Redskins when I was a wee little one and he was introduced to the Redskins by his father, so it’s a family thing.

My dad was in the military and growing up, weekends were quality time with dad.  In the fall/winter that quality time consisted of football.  It didn’t matter if it was watching my brother play Pop Warner and eventually high school football or sitting on the couch Saturday and Sunday watching college (USC Trojans) and NFL (the Redskins if they were on), football was god in our house.

As I grew up and moved out to start my own military career, I’ve stayed a faithful fan of the Redskins.  It would be easy to jump wagons to the local team based on duty station but that just feels like cheating.  Why be a fan if it’s only temporary?  Being a die hard fan takes passion, commitment and a belief that your team is the best.

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While it’s true that the Redskins have struggled since Joe Gibbs, it doesn’t mean I love my team any less.  Every year there is hope the team will improve, the coaching staff will get better, and the days of glory will be once more.  And with every season comes the opportunity to build friendships with other Redskins fans around the world.

In the age of social media, keeping up with the Redskins and interacting with other fans is so much easier to do then it was when I was growing up.  Even though I currently live in Spain, I’m up watching the games and chatting with my growing group of international Redskins fans.  There are fans from France, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, and Scotland), Germany, and all over the United States who all love the Redskins.

One of my best and most cherished memories of the Redskins was last season when the team came to London to play.  It marked the third,yes that’s right the THIRD, time in my life I’ve gotten to see my beloved Redskins play. Why is that so special?  Well, because many of my Redskins friends traveled from the states to come to the game.  We made a week of it, did the sights, repped the team, went to the rallys, met Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen, got to rub elbows with Joe Theismann, Clinton Portis, and Doc Walker…….it was amazing.

I don’t keep track of the fan interactions for other teams but I don’t think any other team comes close to the Redskins and their fans.  It doesn’t matter how poorly the team is doing, what our record looks like, or where we stand in the rankings – Redskins fans will always be true to the Burgundy & Gold.  “Win, Lose, or Tie – I’m a Redskins fan until I die.”

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