Highlights of the Preseason

By Sueli Loiola // @Su_firstavenger

It’s been great to see the Green Bay Packers back on the field. I’d say that this preseason seems very special for the teams and for the fans also. There’s a kind of excitement in the air. I’m not in Winsconsin, however, I don’t have any doubt about the proudness of the fans around Green Bay, and why not, the whole Winsconsin state.

Last year, the Packers played against Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs during preseason. The team had 2 loses and 2 wins. It wasn’t too good, but it wasn’t a disaster either. They showed up some good players that time and also improvement in comparison with the previous years.

On the other hand, the team seems much better in 2017. This preseason the Packers played against the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and last week, Denver Broncos.

In the first week, the team played versus Eagles at Lambeau Field. They dominated 90% of the time. The guys recovered the balls, they showed a great understanding of the game and also, they played like they were in the season. Some names that I’d like to highlight are Ty Montgomery, Brett Hundley, Martellus Bennett and the man of the game Justin Vogel. That punt return is in the Packers history – I do believe that.

Next, the Packers met the Redskins in Washington. Once again, the Packers dominated the game. Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Ripkowski, Jordy Nelson and other veterans played in the game for a short time. As always, it was amazing to see them on the field.

The connection of Rodgers-Nelson is working very well, thanks. We imagine how it will go when the season arrives. Then, we all watched the connection between Rodgers-Bennett. Well, we know that Rodgers is an amazing quarterback who has incredible running backs and wide receivers on his side. I mean, Bennett certainly is on his list of great choices during the season. 

This past Sunday, they played versus Broncos, in Denver. This one was a tight game. Surely, it means that both teams wanted to win.  The Packers had the ball and they played very well. Certainly, they need to fix some mistakes like that sack on Rodgers, for example. Even so, the team did a good job. Broncos took advantage in the end of the game. They won 20-17, but the difference is tiny.  I’d say that the Broncos rookies were great and they have potential.

Finally, the last game of this preseason will be versus the Los Angeles Rams. The Packers started very well and the fans hope that they finish it very well too. The expectation certainly is winning.

Whatever happens,  the rookies have done a great job during these games. They have shown their potential and skills. Surely, it’s something to work hard on, improve and make it even better than it was. 

Congrats guys! You did it. You are the best rookies.

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