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By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

Ahh yes.  It’s mid July.  I’m back from family’s annual trip to the beach, and that can only mean one thing.  It’s time for football to kick into gear.  Training camps, preseason, and everyone’s favorite, the hold outs.

It brings back fond memories of last season when then Steelers running back LeVeon Bell held out the entire season looking for a payday and ended up getting picked up by the Jets and taking less money.  We saw what happened with then Seattle Seahawk safety Earl Thomas holding out, coming to play and then getting injured.

But we’re looking to see if history could repeat itself in the form of Chargers RB Melvin Gordon who is asking for more money, and if he can’t get it, demanding a trade.

Younger Sonja was upset with players that held out.  I never understood how someone who makes that much money can want to squibble and squabble over something like a salary when I’m sitting here making $29/hr, and maybe throw in a weekend shift differential.

Then, I wised up and understood a lot more about life, the NFL, and getting paid what you’re worth.  (Which honestly, is a lesson that anyone should understand, regardless of their career.)

And I get it.  Teams have no problem cutting guys for whatever reason.  And it’s usually rather cold and impersonal when it does happen, especially if it wasn’t an impact player.  Also, NFL careers aren’t very long for some, and we all know what they say about running backs.  Once you hit 30, that’s a wrap.  So, of course, you’d want to get paid as much as you can before then.  Especially if you’re putting up numbers like a Melvin Gordon.  Or as valuable as a defensive tackle Damon “Snacks” Harrison.

And also there’s the injury standpoint.  These guys are literally one play away from having a catastrophic injury.  We’ve seen it all too often with players like Ryan Shazier, Cliff Avril and Ricardo Lockette.  Get the money now so that you can be protected should something happen, and you can’t play anymore.

In the end, the NFL is a business. We all know and understand that.  And it’s tough to think about your team without some of the great players that contribute.  But as much as we as fans love these guys, they’ve got something bigger to think about than just a game.


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