If John Elway signs Tony Romo, he should trade Paxton Lynch

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By Julie Dixon @ABroncoNole

Yes, you read that right. Why? Because by bringing Tony Romo in, it says John Elway, and his new coaches, without witnessing a single live snap, have shown they don’t trust Paxton Lynch…or, for that matter, Trevor Siemian. Why have quarterbacks hanging around, that you don’t have faith in?

Twist it any way you want, but that’s the bottom line. The last franchise rookie who was drafted by his team and sat, was Aaron Rodgers. However, unlike Denver Broncos, Rodgers was drafted to replace Brett Favre. Favre wasn’t brought in after Rodgers was drafted. Big difference. Rodgers was meant to take over from a Hall of Fame quarterback. The point is, NFL quarterbacks don’t sit the bench for two years anymore.

Not if they’re the, meant to be, team starter. Brock Osweiler was drafted after we signed Peyton Manning. Siemian, too.

I am over quarterback drama. Oooo ver. Lets just be the franchise with rental QBs and focus on the rest of the team. Defenses win Championships, right? Build up a stout defense, get a rock star running back and be done with it.

Because if we’re going to do things backwards, something not done with success, why keep him? Trade him to another team and give him a shot elsewhere. He’s not learning, sitting on the bench. And if Romo goes down, he won’t magically be ‘ready’ to start. If week 1 arrives and he doesn’t start, then a few weeks later, nothing will change. He’s either ‘ready’ week one, or he’s not. If after a year of sitting, he’s still not ‘ready’, then you messed up. Again.

If you draft two high pick quarterbacks in a short time and neither can play in this league after a year of sitting, then you stink at drafting and should just go the rental route. Admit defeat. Save the team and the fans the roller coaster of emotions and loyalties. Instead of buying quarterback jerseys, our other guys will get more love.

If your number one guy will be ‘ruined’ by playing too soon, then you know what? He’s not an NFL quality QB. Half of quarterbacking is mental. Kids, part of having IT, is not caving, not accepting defeat. It’s having the fortitude to overcome adversity. If playing a second year guy, even if Gary Kubiak screwed up by not developing him like he should’ve, is the wrong choice, then you drafted the wrong guy.

This line about him being a two to three year project, is bunk. Know why? Because that’s the same thing said about Osweiler. He was meant to sit for four years and learn. How’d that work out? If Elway truly thought Lynch was a 2-3 year guy, that means he thinks he’s the next Aaron Rodgers. Or, he and his scouting staff threw a gutter ball. It’s either, or and if it’s neither, then why bring in Romo?

You have to play to improve. You have to play to get the speed of the game. To read other teams defenses. If all it took to be a franchise quarterback is watching, I’d be John Elway, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, all rolled into one. Oh, and all the hundreds of quarterbacks who learned by watching them, would be, too.

It’s just a waste of his talents and our draft picks. If Elway brings in Romo, he’s throwing in the towel. So, it makes no sense not to trade Lynch, now, and move on. Doesn’t matter if he only gets a 7th pick or a bag of chips, if he’s not playing, not working on getting better, then trading him isn’t a waste.

Let Lynch get a better chance, elsewhere, remove this idiotic quarterback watch and competition, since you can’t seem to get off the pot. Let Semian go in when Romo goes down and Elway can continue to draft and bring in old quarterbacks and hope Manning magic strikes, again.

It doesn’t help Romo having Lynch behind him, either and it’s not like there’s a long string of franchise QBs mentoring their replacement franchise quarterback. Heck, Elway should trade both guys. Bring in some journeyman QB like Nick Foles.

It’s illogical to draft a one and not play him after a year of sitting. If he thinks banking on the slim chance Romo makes history, is better than letting the kid go out and fail like he did as a rookie, then what’s the point of keeping him?

You don’t draft a one and then bring in some guy who hasn’t played a meaningful game in two years if you’re sold. It’s a waste. He’s not going to improve practicing with the practice team. If week five, he’s tossed in, he won’t have any more quality time with the ones, than he did last season, which was about a sum total of ten days.

If he’s planning on Romo collapsing, which a rational coach would, then why bring him in, at all? If you think Lynch will start anyway, then what’s the point? All it’s doing is taking away two plus months of practice so he’s less prepared than the teams he’s facing. Not to mention more upheaval in the locker room.

For the same reason, trade Trevor, too. Let these young guys have a shot. Let them go where they’re wanted and someone believes in them. After all, signing a Nick Foles as a backup won’t be worse than sitting our guys and expecting them to go in and win.

As I said, if you think they have the potential in a week, month or three months. Why not go with them now?

For me, just rip the bandaid off, already. Play the kid(s) and let them learn through failure or let them have a chance elsewhere, but I’m sick of every couple years, getting my hopes up our top pick is THE next guy and he’s not.

Just stop drafting and rotate them. Cleveland Browns have shown going through quarterbacks like underwear works. Oh. Well, the Los Angeles Rams. The San Francisco 49ers? New York Jets? Buffalo Bills? Houston Texans? There must be some good franchise out there where changing quarterbacks often for vets, works. Or drafting a first pick QB every couple years.

No? Well, Elway can make history and be the only one to do it. Instead of the Draft King, he can be the Duke of Free Agency.

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