In the “New NFL” who would be the winners?


Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

For the past two weeks, Kate Arhar has written about more geographically pleasing divisions in the NFL.

I love the idea! It would be great to see some of the new rivalries.  It would be great to see the Cowboy fans, Saints fans, and Falcon fans go at it.

The AFC North rivalries would be awesome as well! While there weren’t too many big changes with the teams, there were some.

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Just to refresh your memories, here were the new divisions, starting with the NFC:

NFC North:  Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota

NFC South:  Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa Bay

NFC East:  New York Giants, Washington, Carolina, Philadelphia

NFC West:  Seattle, San Francisco, Arizona, Los Angeles Rams

Here’s the AFC:

AFC North:  Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh

AFC South:  Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Tennesee

AFC East:  Buffalo, Baltimore, New York Jets, New England

AFC West:  Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles Chargers, Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders

Now, I invite you to come with me to the “What Could Be”  Who would win the divisions if they were realigned?

Let’s get the “easy ones” out of the way first. Those would be the divisions that don’t change, starting with the NFC North.  Letting the homer side of me through, I would, of course, say that the Lions would easily win the division. Honestly though, if we look at next year, the Lions do have a very good chance at winning the division.   They still would have to get through the Packers and the Bears, but there is a chance.  But, going off of last year, it’d have to be the Bears.

The NFC West?  If all stays the same, going based on last year, I still see the Rams winning.

How about the new divisions?  Looking at the NFC South, you’d have the Saints and the Cowboys going up against each other.  That would be really fun to watch, and honestly, after last season, seeing the Saints lose to the Cowboys, I think that ramps up the interesting factor.  I think it would be very tight, but I think that the Saints would win the division.

Over in the NFC East, the Panthers could really stir things up and give some great competition.  Adding in the fact that Washington has a shiny new quarterback in Dwayne Haskins, and hopefully a healthy Cam Newton at the helm in Carolina, there would be some shakeup.

Heading over to the AFC, since the AFC West stays the same, we won’t predict that. Until there’s something different, I pick Kansas City to win over there.

Looking at the AFC North, this would be fun.  The Colts, the Steelers and the emerging Browns. Poor Bengals wouldn’t be doing too much, I presume, but the top 3 would be great to watch. Until you prove to me otherwise, I’m going to roll with the Colts.

The AFC East would be great because of the Ravens being added.  But, until Belichick or Brady leave, the Patriots are going to be the tops of that division.

Finally the AFC South.  I have a hard time thinking that anyone but Houston will be winning that division.  Though, if Miami got a starting quarterback, they perhaps could make some noise!

So, that’s a look at the winners in the “New NFL”.  Honestly, I kinda wish it would happen.  It looks like it would be a lot of fun!


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