Is it weekend at Bernie’s for Broncos or does Elway have a plan?

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By Julie Dixon //@ABroncoNole

If you like short pieces to read, this is one. If you left the country for a month-long walkabout, don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. The 2018 Broncos look exactly like the 2017 Broncos except they released a starting cornerback and signed a third string one.  They also signed an expensive quarterback, who has to prove himself.

That’s it, kiddies. Seriously.

Well, I lied. They also allowed free agent wide receiver Bennie Fowler and their former second-round pick WR Cody Latimer to walk. Either Elway believes this team only needed quarterback Case Keenum, or he has a ton of transactions up his sleeve.

Sitting at number five in the draft and with ten draft picks, he could be maneuvering to parlay that capital into higher picks and the trading of veterans on the roster. This team, especially on defense, is aging.

Minus the classes from 2017 and 2016, there are eight draft picks left from Elway’s tenure. Linebacker Von Miller, defensive tackle Derek Wolfe, WR Demaryius Thomas, center Matt Paradis, defensive end Shane Ray, CB Bradley Roby and C Max Garcia. From the last two draft classes, only offensive tackle Garett Bolles was a week one starter.  Free safety Justin Simmons started his sophomore year. Two starters from the last two seasons.

Not great odds for expecting a lot of upside right away from this class; however, Denver usually drafts later, so this year we could get two or three starters, maybe more, if he plays his cards right.

If he doesn’t think this team is set (which it isn’t), he could swap some vet players and their big contracts to another team along with picks for better odds up front. A lot depends on their feeling about QBs Case Keenum and Paxton Lynch.

Vance Joesph said they see Keenum as one who could show Lynch how to be an NFL starter. This indicates what many thought to be true when Kubiak dumped QB Mark Sanchez and started QB Trevor Siemian—that Lynch was never developed.

If this is true, judging by several comments he and Elway have made about them still believing in Lynch and Siemian being traded to the Vikings, it means they can pass on a QB round one and that opens up a myriad of possibilities in upgrading the team, especially on offense where several holes need plugging.

Don’t freak out Broncos Country, Elway may not be Bernie, he’s just taking a nap prepping for April 26th. Until then, as Aaron Rodgers said, R-E-L-A-X.

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