It’s all over and there’s no shouting; Titans lose to Colts 33-17

Karen Christensen, Tennessee Titans Reporter

By Karen Christensen //@ksc47

Colts 33 – Titans 17

The Tennessee Titans had a tumultuous year, with injuries, weird wins, and stupid losses.  They beat “good teams” like the Philadelphia Eagles and lost to “bad teams” like the Buffalo Bills. (Sorry to my original hometown team, I still love the Bills).  

And then there is the Indianapolis Colts who just seems to be the Tennessee Titans’ kryptonite, at least when quarterback Andrew Luck is playing.

The Titans can’t figure out how to beat Indianapolis when Luck is at the helm.  Now the Colts are moving on to the playoffs and the Titans are cleaning out their lockers.

Tennessee did not have their star quarterback Marcus Mariota playing during this Sunday Night Football performance. Mariota continues to have trouble with his throwing arm.  He has a recurring nerve issue that’s causing numbness from his elbow down through his fingers.

During the game against the Washington Redskins in week 16, Mariota was sacked and suffered a “stinger” and was unable to finish that game; quarterback Blaine Gabbert took over in the second quarter and led the team to a 25-16 victory.

For this critical game against the Colts, the Titans did not release information as to who would be the starting QB until game time.  Many so-called Titans fans were angry, calling Mariota “soft” and saying that the team led fans on to believe Mariota would be able to play just to fill the stadium. 

Now I believe, if you are a true fan of the team, it should not matter who is in at QB.  You as a fan want your team to win and to get in the playoffs.  Regardless of who is playing at any position. After the game, Mariota stated that he was advised not to play by a spinal nerve doctor.  He only needs time to heal, but playing against the Colts would not have been a wise decision for his long-term health.

Gabbert did perform well for most of the game and the Titans did have a chance to pull off a win… until Gabbert was intercepted in the fourth quarter. The score was 24-17 in favor of the Colts and there were 9 minutes and 30 seconds left in the game when the ill-fated throw was made. The Titans just never got control of the ball again and lost their playoff chances.

Titans fans were hoping that running back Derrick Henry would be a force and have another big scoring game as he had against the Jaguars three weeks earlier, but it just didn’t happen.

Once again, Titans Nation is left with broken hearts and busted up dreams, and many questions for the upcoming season. Will 2019 be better for the team? Will they have fewer injuries? Will Mariota finally have a breakout season? Will the Titans ever be in the SuperBowl again? And who will the team pick in the draft? Sigh.

Until next season, here is a play by a promising player that will be back in 2019, linebacker Jayon Brown.  Brown’s play brought the stadium to life last Sunday night. He has a bright future.


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