It’s That Time Again

By Dayna Traun // @dayna_traun

Guess who’s back…back again…Dayna’s back…and more importantly, so are the Seattle Seahawks.

Offseason is officially over and Spring Training has begun for the 90 men that fill the Seahawks current roster.

A mere 9 days into training and the players have yet to bore us with normalcy or complacency.

Here is a bulleted compilation of my WTF’s thus far:

    • Hmmm. Maybe he’s on to something here? I’m going to hire his agent to negotiate my weight loss goals. Anyone want to pay me to lose weight? Please?
    • This ranks up there as one of my biggest frustrations with the Seahawks. If you can’t control your passionate energy on the practice field, with your own teammates, you don’t belong on any team. I love passion and I love energy but when it crosses a line and becomes selfish…it jeopardizes the entire team. Don’t cross the line.
    • Rookie DT Malik McDowell made his way back to Michigan after officially ‘reporting for duty’ with the Seahawks, to finish recovering from the ATV accident that occurred in July. 

  • Pete Carroll made a statement regarding the incident, “He had multiple injuries. He had an injury to his head. It’s going to be quite a while, and we’re going to have to wait it out. He’s on NFI and is going to be there for a while. We’re just going to see how he progresses down the road. We’re not looking for him to get back in the immediate, not even for the first game of the season. We’re going to wait it out and see how he does.” This is sad news for this Michigan state college star.
  • Kam Chancellor signs an extension with the Hawks.
  • There is still some speculation over the length of the extension. 1-2 years but I am glad this was addressed prior to the season starting. One less distraction that we had to deal with last year.
  • Many are returning from injuries that haunted the team last year.
  • Russell Wilson looks sharp. Tyler Lockett is in full practicing mode and Jimmy Graham made some comments in an earlier interview that he was feeling nearly 100%. This all sounds like good news for our sluggish offense. Earl Thomas has been fully practicing, also. For those of you that haven’t already heard me rant and rave about him…he’s my favorite Safety to ever play the game. So this is obviously good news to me.
  • Speaking of sluggish offense…The Offensive line is looking stacked and i’m feeling optimistic about it. 

The line up at practice today was (Left-Right)


  • My personal opinion on this Offensive line-up? THIS IS THE CREAM OF THE CROP, folks. If we can keep them healthy and stop Frank Clark from punching their faces off…We will be looking sharp this season.
  • THIS is our year. I feel it and I’m all in.

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