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By Julie Dixon //@ABroncoNole


In a move that shouldn’t have shocked anyone, the Jaguars offered quarterback Blake Bortles a three-year, $54 million deal, 26.5 guaranteed. Additional incentives are included making it worth up to $66.5M. More details will be released soon.

Bortles was the Jaguars 1st pick of the 2014 draft.  He went third overall, behind Houston Texans defensive end Jadevion Clowney and Detroit Lions tackle Greg Robinson.

Signing former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was never really a consideration, as any contract to him would hurt the team more than it would help. By signing Borltes, the Jaguars can now figure out if they can afford cornerback Aaron Colvin and wide receiver Allen Robison. The rest of the team is set.

Jacksonville had been a bit short on cap space going into this offseason. They were reported to only have $16.5 million for 2018, which would have made it difficult to sign a big name, and big dollar, free agent quarterback. Extending Bortles gives them more freedom with the money they do have.

Message from Tom Coughlin


Besides keeping Bortles because he financially makes sense, the players like him, and the fans do too. Sure they’d love if he could throw 35 TDs like he did in 2015 (minus the many interceptions), but they want to give him another chance, especially since he played all season with a bad throwing wrist.

Bortles underwent wrist surgery the end of January. The injury was something that had hampered him all season long and may have to blame for some of his issues throughout the year. Not many details were given on the type of surgery he had.

Now that this question is answered, the Jaguars can move on and focus solely on the draft and free agency. They may still have some interest in drafting a QB for the future, but the pressing need has been fixed for now.


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