Jags continue to signal they’re going Super Bowl or bust mode.

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By Julie Dixon// @ABroncoNole

The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to make moves.  Their signings and releases freed up cap space and improved the roster in a few places.

Wide receiver Donte Moncrief was an uptick for them over WR Allen Robinson because his contract is less and is a “Prove It” one.  He signed a one-year, $9.6 million, fully-guaranteed contract that also contains another $2 million in incentives.

He is a player with a lot of potential, but needs better coaching to overcome some lazy tendencies that were seen in Indy. One thing is for certain, if you sign with Jacksonville, you’re signing up to work, and work hard. Head Coach Doug Marrone is a Marine Drill Sergeant. This could be the deal of 2018 or a big bust depending on what Moncrief is ready to give up.

Often hurt WR Allen Hurns is being released today. When Robinson, Hurns, and Bortles were signed, it looked like a good idea, have these young guys grow up together. Unfortunately, the flip side can be the old saying, “Familiarity Breeds Contempt”.  When his top three receivers went down, Bortles did better. In that huddle was two rookies, making Blake their elder. At 25, he’s now in the window, especially with two playoff wins, to be the clear leader.

Marquise Lee was kept on, guaranteeing him $18M in salary over the next two years.  I’m thinking we’re seeing a theme in Duuuuval. Most of the contracts they have will end after 2019. Looks like they’re all in this and next season. Super Bowl or bust.

Troubled tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins signed a two-year deal, $10M contract that no doubt lead to the surprise move, after picking up his option, of releasing TE Marcedes Lewis. This transaction can’t be seen as a good one because it means that money is a cap hit, plus the timing is bad for Lewis. The only thought to doing it this way was maybe the Jags thought they’d get a trade partner and didn’t. Once that occurred, they released him so he could look elsewhere; however, big contracts tend to happen between the no tampering and FA start dates.

Based on how much time Jacksonville has spent scouting TE Mike Gesicki one could assume that’s who they’re targeting at 29. Indicating quarterback Lamar Jackson isn’t in the plans. The money saved from releasing Hurns would pay for a backup QB and cover the lost Lewis cap.

Let the guessing game continue!


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