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By Julie Dixon // @ABroncoNole

There’s a QB who wears red and gold looking for a new home next season and based on Blake Bortles play yesterday, he may have his agent taking calls from Dave Caldwell.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have everything a veteran Quarterback could want–no state tax, cheap cost of living, a great defense, an owner, General Manager and Vice President of Player Personnel among the best, plus a stable of talent on offense. Not to mention good coaches.

That loss wasn’t all on Bortles. The run game, which has been pretty good all season, was stymied, something that was a concern going into Nashville. Cam Robinson‘s absence also caused Bortles to face a lot of pressure and when that occurs, good things don’t happen. Not to mention, while the backup receivers have done a solid job after the top three went down, the Jaguars are going to need Marquise Lee to return. There were too many drops yesterday, including one in the end zone.

Speaking of back-ups, a Keelan Cole fumble lead to a Tennessee field goal. It stopped an offensive drive and lead to Titan points.

Despite the score, the defense wasn’t bad, but missing nose tackle Abry Jones didn’t help. Mariota had 60 yards rushing. Reports are Jones will be back next game. However, have to say, when your offense and special teams turn the ball over four times, it’s going to be a long day.

Special Teams, which has been tops all season, forgot how to play, having three costly mistakes. Those can be the difference between being one and done in the postseason or continuing on. Yes, Bortles is playing well, but not well enough to be playing from behind or starting drives at the 5-yard line.

Here are some quick stats.

On paper, the Jags should’ve won, but mistakes and not stopping Marcus Mariota from running hurt them.

Third own efficiency: Jax 6-16-38% , TN 3-16-19%

Jaguars offense: 146 passing yards, 34-15-2. RBs had 73 yards

Titans offense: 134 passing yards, 21-12-0 RBs had 56 yards (60 for MM)

Penalties Jax had 41 yards and TN 15

1st Down: Jags 13, TN 11

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