Jaguars Vs Bills 2

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By Julie Dixon //@ABroncoNole


I’m sure the Bills Mafia will be out in full force based on how quickly the seats sold out.  They are ending their own playoff drought and are overwhelmingly and understandably excited about this game.  However, Jacksonville is pretty stoked as well.   It’s going to be a loud game. Believe it or not, Jaguar fans have caused delay of game calls due to the noise. Two of my sons will be there, as long-suffering fans who’ve been to a lot losing games, they’re beyond excited. And they’re raucous like their mama!

While other games may generate more buzz, this one has the most implications for the quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor and Blake Bortles and both teams involved. No matter the outcome, both franchises will have their futures changed.

There is one factor though that could give the Bills a chance and that’s illness: it’s taken down tight end James O’Shaughnessy who is now listed as questionable. When one guy gets that ill, you can bet there are others dealing with the flu, too.

Readers who want anyone but New England*, should hope Jacksonville wins because they’re probably the best chance to go into Foxboro and beat New England*.  They’re young, brash, have no fear and will want to sack QB Tom Brady, which is half the key to beating them.  The biggest question there would be would they be able to handle all the cold weather that they’ve  had up north.  How Bortles handles the pressure on Sunday, is the big question.



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