Jeff Bezos looks to add NFL team owner to resume

By Brenda Lee // @brenduh_L 

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Jeff Bezos is the founder, president, and CEO of the ever-popular website, and he wants to go shopping.

He is looking for his next big purchase and his eyes are locked in on an NFL team. Bezos, whose net worth is $112 billion dollars, looks to position himself as the richest owner in the NFL.

There are only a handful of NFL teams that are up for sale, but as we all know from a business perspective, money talks and essentially everything is for sale. The question is, which of the 32 teams are most likely to be on Bezos’ hit list?

Bezos founded the bookselling company back in 1994, and over the last two decades, the internet company as increasingly grown into the number one online marketplace for consumer goods, electronics, beauty products, and anything else you can think of. Whether you’re for, or against, a billionaire like Bezos as a franchise owner, it is safe to say his knowledge and experience growing a business has benefits on all sides of the spectrum.


It would seem like an obvious choice to immediately look at the Seattle Seahawks as a potential fit for Jeff Bezos. The number one factor in this decision is the passing of Seahawks owner Paul Allen, who passed away in October 2018. Currently, Allen’s sister controls the trust, but the team is expected to hang a “For Sale” sign out in the near future. In addition, Seattle is also the home of Amazon’s headquarters, so keeping his new business investment in close proximity to his other billion-dollar business could aid in his decision.

The Los Angeles Chargers haven’t had the best of luck with their franchise in recent years. With the hard push from the league to take their talents to London, a move overseas would mean intense travel schedules for the players and staff. Divisions would have to readjust, and long-established rivalries will eventually become non-existent. The idea of an NFL team in London is unwarranted and overly complicated. Bezos could move the team into a smaller market like San Antonio, and grow a franchise from the bottom up.


A potential partnership could be what Jeff Bezos is looking for. Bezos’ relationship with Washington Redskins majority owner Dan Snyder, could mean a new stadium that Snyder has advocated for. Jeff Bezos purchased and relocated the Washington Post so the idea of a Bezos/Snyder partnership would definitely be of interest to both parties.


The idea of Bezos as a team owner may not sit well with fans for many reasons. But as the multi-billionaire continues to increase his footprint in the business world, I cringe at the thought of how much purchasing power Bezos has. Who knows, Bezos might even look to create a new NFL franchise team. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, The (insert city here) Amazons! Free one-day team jersey shipping!


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