Jets vs the No Fly Zone. Who’s left grounded?

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By Julie Dixon // @ABroncoNole

As far as who the winner may be between the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos, I have no clue. Flip a coin. All I can say is, this Jets team is beatable.

On defense, NY is in the mid-range of everything, except they do have ten interceptions. Since our quarterback likes to throw to the other team, I’m guessing they will add to that total, the only question is, how many?

The good news is the Jets don’t have many sacks, so Trevor Siemian should have tons of time; however, he’s thrown more interceptions with time than without. I’d say if he has any confidence left, this is a good match-up for him. Both Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are as healthy they’re going to be and each may be playing for a job, so they better catch the few passes that are accurate.

Thirty-eight-year-old Josh McCown is having a banner season. Maybe because he’s played so little throughout his career, his body hasn’t taken many hits, so he’s in better shape than most his age. However, 38 is 38 against Von Miller. While teams are chipping him, they still have to use an extra body on him which means one less player elsewhere.

This is also a good match-up for Denver. Our No Fly Zone has gotten some flack lately, but it’s underserved. Two issues have hampered them. First, our offense is a turnstile. They spend little time on drives, which means our defense gets little rest. Secondly, the run stop was so good, teams had to go to their air, and chuck in downfield more. The law of averages is bound to catch up.

Last week, we saw how weak our line was without Domata Peko and Derek Wolfe (IR), Peko is questionable, so maybe he plays. If he does, that may even out the run/pass in our favor. It’s McCown scrambling that is more of a concern without Wolfe. He’s sneaky, so our DBs will need to pay attention. Speaking of which, the two air TDs last week were against a rookie in his first start. Aqib Talib is back.

Here are pros and cons of how each team can win.


Defense: be you. Seriously, nothing needs to be added; however, if Peko starts, go back to a 3-4 base, not the 4-3 we saw last week, that extra LB will be needed when McCown takes off.

Offense: the game plan last week had receivers wide open all game. The Jets secondary is better than Miami’s, but not so much that our guys can’t get open. Without sacks being much of a factor, Siemian needs to take advantage, be calm and step up into the pocket and take some shots downfield. This will help our run game. Ours isn’t bad until teams figure they can play short because our QB won’t complete a pass deep.


Offense: if Peko is out, run the ball and keep running it and then throw deep. If he’s in, throw to Austin Seferian-Jenkins, over and over. Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse need to be played man against.

Defense: play against Siemian like every team since week three has. Make him beat you deep, and give him the passes to the left sideline. He has five interceptions there.

If Siemian does not turn the ball over, Denver can and should win.

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