Kansas City Chiefs future is in the hands of Patrick Mahomes

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By Dayna O’Gorman //@DaynaOG

The Kansas City Chiefs took center stage last January when they traded quarterback Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins. Many thought it was a bad idea to get rid of a QB that had just had the best year of his career, while others thought it was a perfect time. Either way, the trade was the start of a whole new Chiefs team. A Patrick Mahomes lead team.

We all knew it would happen at some point. I mean a team doesn’t take a QB 10thoverall and plan to let him sit for years. However, the Chiefs didn’t rush Patrick Mahomes into the starting role. After sitting behind Smith for a year, it was time to let the kid, just 22 years old, shine.

Although he had a few missteps in training camp and the Chiefs first preseason game, Mahomes is getting lots of praise. Those of us who have been around football for a long time know that an Andy Reid offense isn’t an easy one to learn. Mahomes seems to be doing well with it.

That could be a result of Mahomes sitting for that year. Although fans thought differently, it has become obvious quite quickly that Smith was always going to be the guy in 2017. Reid wanted Mahomes to watch and learn.  Even though he has very little NFL experience, just one start last season, the team, media, and fans think he is ready to take the lead.

It doesn’t hurt that his supporting cast is some of the best in the NFL. Its always much easier to bring in a newbie QB when you have talented running backs like Kareem Hunt and Spencer Ware sitting behind him. Or when you have a tight end who was ranked 2ndin the league in Travis Kelce. And it doesn’t hurt to have the likes of Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Chris Conley in your wide receiving corps.

These weapons should and will help smooth over any bumps Mahomes may have at the beginning of the season. And the bumps will come, as they do with any new quarterback.

KC has been known for getting their starting quarterbacks from other teams. Alex Smith, Matt Cassel, Trent GreenRich Gannon, Joe Montana… the list goes on. To steal a term from soccer, Mahomes is the first “homegrown” QB that Kansas City has had in a long time, and that has endeared him to the city. The fans are behind him, which if you’ve ever been to Arrowhead Stadium, you know is a huge help.

So what should we expect from this young QB? A lot. He has shown to have confidence that doesn’t lean too far toward arrogant, leadership qualities that are being praised by his teammates, and talent for days. If you mix that with a quarterback whisperer as a head coach, you get a young man with a very good chance of succeeding.

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