Kareem Hunt- A follow up

Sonja Greenfield, OTFB Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

You’ll have to forgive me for taking on this issue again. I really don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but as a woman-owned site, I sort of feel a responsibility to speak about this.

Earlier this off season the Cleveland Browns signed running back Kareem Hunt. To recap, Hunt was released from the Chiefs after a video came out of him kicking a woman, in a Cleveland Hotel.

At the time, the League had yet to disclose a punishment for that behavior. The League announced late last week that they were suspending Hunt for 8 games.

That’s a start.

But you know what I find slightly funny, but not funny is the angle that some are taking with this.

Exhibit A:  CBS Sports has an article that’s called NFL Insider Notes:  Browns win again with Kareem Hunt return date. To be fair, that’s only part of the headline, but it’s the part of the headline that I feel is most impactful.

It’s sort of interesting that they call his return a “win” for the Browns.  Does that not sound funny to anyone else?  Or is it just me?

Here’s a guy who was shown on video kicking and hitting a woman, he gets suspended for 8 games, and in the end, the Browns are “winning.”  You have to admit, the wording on this is a little off.

But again, this is where being a woman and an NFL fan can be challenging.  Like I said in my previous article, it’s sort of up to us women if we’re OK with this treatment.

It’s hard to say. We still keep coming back. Will there ever be a time when we as women turn our backs as fans?  Maybe. Yet, probably not.

But I also look at the bigger picture. Is it OK that Hunt gets a second chance? Do we believe in giving people second chances?  It’s hard to say. You would hope that the person, such as Hunt, has really learned and is trying to be a better person.

You look at people like Cincinnati running back Joe Mixon, who, while he was in college in Oklahoma punched a girl so hard he knocked her out.  So far, he’s kept his nose clean in the NFL.  And then you look at former RB Ray Rice.  He’s not been seen from since he was cut from the Ravens in 2014.  However, he’s not been physically abusive since then.

It’s a hard line to walk. On one hand, I want the players to be punished so severely that they’ll really think before they do something like that again. However, if they’ve truly shown remorse, and are making improvements in their lives, then, by all means, continue to play.  If it happens again, however… you’re done.

There are going to be flaws in this sport. With any sport really (looking at you MLB….how’s the investigation going on the San Fransico Giants owner?).

It’s just going to come down to what we as women fans are willing to overlook.


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