Keep the Combine in Indy, the draft can move


Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

The NFL is the most popular sport in America. Even fans of teams who feel like their team may not be going anywhere are still heading to games.

To help increase the popularity (like it needs any more help) and give the fans what they want, the NFL Draft has been moving from city to city, and it has worked well.  At first, I thought that was sort of a stupid thing to do, but then I saw the response of the people in the cities that host the draft, and it’s been nothing short of awesome.

It’s also nice because a city can now host either a draft or a Super Bowl, giving more options for fans to interact. While a draft doesn’t bring as much revenue as the Super Bowl does, it still gives the city a chance to shine. Much like the success of Nashville this past draft.

Now, what shouldn’t move around is the NFL Combine, and that you won’t be able to change my mind on. Why not? Because the combine is not really for the fans. It’s more for the players so that they can show their skills off for a team.  Yes, the draft is about the players too, but there are fun activities and parties that are specifically geared for the fans to celebrate the newcomers to their team.

The Combine, on the other hand, is all business.  Fellow writer,  Kate Arhar was at the Combine this year, and in one of her articles, she describes the environment as being really quiet with ZERO tolerance for noise.  Fans, if anything, are noisy.  It’s like the main requirement of being a fan.  She also describes workers going around policing fans to keep them quiet.

While it is exciting to watch the players go through various drills and run the 40, overall, it doesn’t seem like a very “fun” environment.   It’s work. Work for the players, work for the teams. At the draft, you can actually be in attendance, boo the commissioner, and react to your team’s draft selection. That’s not what the Combine is for.

Moving the Combine from Indy, in my mind, doesn’t serve a purpose. With the rise of things like the NFL Network, social media, and more coverage of the Combine, the idea sounds like it might be a good one.  Something that could be entertaining. But in reality, it’s a more serious event and not as much fun.

Don’t agree with me?  Change my mind!  :o)


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