Kevin White’s Series of Unfortunate Events

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

This was supposed to be his year. Do or die he was going to prove once and for all he is not a bust. The Chicago Bears 2015 number one draft pick, Kevin White, has been riddled with a series of unfortunate injury events that has swallowed up any NFL career dream he may have had.

With a fractured scapula, he is gone for the season and placed on IR.  What a travesty.

White redshirted in 2010 at Lackawanna College, hoping it would set the stage for a spectacular season. But due to a missed financial aid deadline, he was ineligible. This forced him to sit out the second season. (Event #1) But, he waited patiently and became a sensational senior at West Virginia.

White clocked 4.35 seconds in the 40-yd dash at the Combine and was equal in value with fellow first rounder Amari Cooper. For White, playing in the NFL was not about the money:

“It’s not about the money for me. I want kids in Mississippi or Tennessee or wherever to look up to me and say, ‘I want to be like Kevin White-like, did you see his story? He’s my idol’.

In 2014, White had his best season. He racked up 1,447 receiving yards, 10 touchdowns with 109 touches. He was named All-American by numerous publications and was the finalist for the Fred Biletnikoff Award. His record was good enough for the Chicago Bears to draft as a First Round pick in 2015.  Fans couldn’t wait to see him play alongside Alshon Jeffery.  A dual threat in Chicago was all fans and media could talk about.

Then while he was participating in the Bears offseason program he had what appeared to be a slight injury to his shin. He was unable to practice in training camp, which caused many to speculate that the injury was much more than what was being portrayed by the Bears personnel.

But on August 15, 2015, as fate would have it, it was announced that White had suffered a stress fracture in his left tibia requiring surgery and an immediate ride to the PUP list. (Event #2)

After rehabbing and strengthening his leg he was ready to return to the Bears in 2016. He was able to play in all 4 preseason games and the first four regular season games until he sustained yet another leg injury. This time a fractured left fibula and high ankle sprain against the Detroit Lions.  (Event #3)

What’s that old saying, “the third time’s a charm?” After this injury, it would be White’s true rebirthing. When starting wideout Cameron Meredith tore his ACL, White would be the number one receiver. This was it.

This was his chance to prove everyone wrong. But as the unfortunate events continue to plague this young man, three injuries was not enough. His 2017 campaign of redemption was snuffed out by yet another season ending injury. It will take 4-6 months to heal. How does anyone recover from such catastrophic events?

Well, if you are Kevin White the player, you press on and try to heal quickly. But the person, can’t help but ask the question ‘why me?’  There is no question that the desire to play football is still in his heart. Yet White seems to have the innate ability to overcome adversity, especially when it seems like his world is crashing around him.

After the news of his injury he tweeted this:

“I ask why me, but I know God has a plan much bigger than what I want. I’m thankful for everyone that’s supporting me.”

Fellow teammates tweeted encouragement and prayers:

“Prayers up for my brother @mrkevinwhite going thru yet another challenge. We don’t know why these type of things happen to good people.” – Cameron Meredith

“Prayers up for my boy @mrkevinwhite. God always has a plan. Just going to keep bouncing back.” –Adrian Amos

No one knows, including White as to what the future holds. All he can do is wait for his bone to heal, watch and study different schemes and be ready when his number is called, whether from the Bears or another team.

Either way, his future is bright no matter what he does. And when success comes, and it will, young people will look up to him and say, “I want to be like Kevin White! Did you see his story? He’s my idol.”

Godspeed young man!

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