Living Out Loud

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By Christy Chauvin // @WhoDatWarriors

I can understand what President Trump sees when he looks at the American flag.  He sees the faces of the military, police, and first responders and their sacrifice–a flag draped over a coffin or handed to a widow. In my mind, to him the flag and anthem should be honored as symbols of sacrifice and exuberant joy for the promise of this nation.  He has spoken about addressing green inequality to ameliorate racial inequality. He believes jobs provide the first blush of the promise of equality.

I can understand the players who feel America has let them down and not provided justice for all.  In so many ways, this country continues to let people down but there is the ability to address those issues here that is not available in many nations of the world.

Let us all work to end racism in all its forms whether directed at African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, etc. God made us different for a purpose–to learn to accept those different from us but alike in God-given rights and responsibilities.

I would always like to think I can protest peacefully.  Article One of the Bill of Rights provides that freedom. In my opinion, governments which seek to regulate the free exercise of speech or religious conscience are governments doomed to be voted out of office.  In large measure, it is why I believe people elected a change last November. They saw their rights being eroded to live their conscience in peaceful, respectful ways.


Let the President express his opinion.

Let the players express theirs even if the rest of the locker room votes the other way.

Each should be able to LIVE OUT LOUD.

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