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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

The 2018 season for the Seattle Seahawks started out with a lot of pessimism. Media and fans had basically written this season off as a rebuilding season. A throwaway year as the team got their young players up to speed. But as we head into week 12, the Seahawks have proven that the team never bought into that narrative.

Seattle is smack dab in the middle of the playoff hunt after their win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. The team was determined to keep their win streak in Carolina, now having won in Carolina the last 4 times they’ve met there during the regular season.  It was a must-win game if the Seahawks wanted to keep their foot in the postseason.

This win, along with the wins over Green Bay and Dallas, has the media changing their tune about Seattle. At the beginning of the season, Seattle was in the bottom 5 of the power rankings. Now they are top 10.

But let’s look forward. Seattle is now being talked about as a team that could shake up the playoffs, should they make it in as a wild card team.

The Seahawks have a very favorable schedule heading into the end of the season, 4 of their last 5 games are at home in Seattle. While they have tough match ups in the Vikings, and the offensive powerhouse Kansas City Chiefs, they also play the struggling San Francisco 49ers twice, a team who has been hobbled by injuries all year.

Add to that a very winnable game in Arizona, and Seattle could be looking at a 9-10 win season. No, they won’t win the division, the Rams seemingly have that wrapped up, but a wild card game should be easily in sight. Currently, that would bring a game against either the Bears or the Cowboys, although that NFC East division is still completely up for grabs.

This unexpected season has also reminded fans, and media members alike, who quarterback Russell Wilson is and what he brings to the table. Wilson has always played well at the end of the season. He has one of the highest December ratings among all quarterbacks, and Seattle is 19-7 in December during Wilson’s career.

Then there is the shiny, new run game that has everyone talking. The return to the run makes Seattle an even more dangerous team as many feel a solid run game is vital to winning late in the season. With both running backs Chris Carson and Mike Davis killing it every week, Seattle’s depth in this position could be what truly takes them over the top.

Seattle is the team with nothing to lose, and everyone knows those are the most dangerous teams. No one had any expectation of them this season, so they have already won. However, anyone who has paid attention over the last 7 seasons knows, Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll have never settled for moral victories. They are in it to win it.


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