Low Expectations for the Detroit Lions

Sonja Greenfield Detroit Lions Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

Head coach Matt Patricia’s first year is almost up.

I’m disappointed. Not in the team at all, but in myself.

It’s what football does to you.  You get your hopes all up and excited about a new season, and then boom.  It all comes crashing down.  One would think that as a Lions fan, that I wouldn’t fall for it.  But this year got me.

This season came with the hope of finally being able to right the ship and making it to the playoffs.  And to even up the ante on the hope, perhaps even get that elusive playoff win.  All thanks to the hiring of former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia by a former Patriots front office person, GM Bob Quin.

There was talent on this team.  The defense was great, quarterback Matthew Stafford was going to be able to use the weapons he had around him, and plus, he had rookie running back Kerryon Johnson who looked amazing in the preseason.  The Lions finally had a coach and a GM who were on the same page and knew each other. This was it.

After opening the season getting curb stomped by the Jets, at home, reality set in.  Like a ton of bricks.

11-5 quickly became 8-8 and that quickly became will they even win 4 games.  (Luckily, they did)

I should have known.  First-year head coaches aren’t always successful.  In the recent past, they have fared well, but still, it’s not a shock when they don’t. Also, coaches who are “Belichick disciples” also haven’t fared well when they get their head coaching opportunities.  So, it added up that it wasn’t going to be successful, and I should have known.

But I got caught up in the hype, so shame on me.

I still feel that the Lions are heading in the right direction. I won’t be heartbroken if offensive Coordinator Jim Bob Cooter isn’t along for the ride.  We’ve seen enough of RB Theo Riddick getting 3 yards on 3 and 15, etc.  Maybe I’m still caught up, but I’ll see how free agency and the draft go before I start getting optimistic about the direction of this team.


One thing is for certain though.  The expectations will be a little lower.



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